Fix / Solution For GOTV / DSTV Error Code E48-32 / E016

Gotv Uganda Having problems with your decoder? Learn how to fix it by reading this solution for GOTV / DSTV error code E48-32 / E016. And yes, in here is contained some different alternatives which will help you go about solving everything right away without any hassles. This means that you need not to worry any more about these error codes any more now that you will be knowing how to fix the above by your own self. You will too find a full list of DSTV error codes

Resetting your GOTV / DSTV decoder option

The very first thin you should do in case you happen to encounter such errors above is to reset your decoder or IUC. This is sometimes the cause of the error where by having your device reset might help work as the best solution for GOTV / DSTV error code E48-32 / E016. In order to reset your decoder, doing the following below. Regardless of whether you are in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and other countries.

1. Press menu button and go to Advanced option.
2. Hit installation and reset. Press OK to clear an E48-32 Error or e016.

Check your Antenna for clear signals and strength

Sometimes, the cause of the problem can be related to poor signals around where you are. You can too ensure that your antenna is well set so as to receive all channels without any error. This should work as a solution for GOTV / DSTV error code E48-32 / E016. You can as well ensure that your connections are well set.

SMS your IUC Number to 6488

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To Clear E16 via SMS, you type RESET leave a space then followed by your IUC number and send the text to 6488

Contact Customer service and ask for help

On many times, you may require to call the service center and ask for a working solution for GOTV / DSTV error code E48-32 / E016. This is in such cases when you try all of the above and fail. Emailing them, tweeting or calling them can help you out.

Other common DSTV error codes ( partial full list of DSTV error codes) include but not limited to E04 – Please insert smartcard, E71 – Song title and artist info not available, E05 – Cannot read smartcard, E06 – Smartcard fault, E42 – Parental Control PIN Blocked, Cannot read, E07 – Checking Smartcard, E76 – Your second TV service is not enabled. Please contact MultiChoice for assistance, E38 – Service not running, E08 – CA Module failure, E14 – Service is currently scrambled, E16 – Service is currently scrambled, E43 – Not for this country, E72 – Rescan in progress, E17 – Smartcard marriage conflict, E18 – Unknown Smartcard, E19 – Service is currently scrambled. Please wait, E30 – Service is currently scrambled. Please wait, E44 – No PG status is available, E34 – Cannot read smartcard, E45 – Service not allowed, E35 – Service is currently scrambled, E73 – TV link overload, E37 – Invalid channel number, E70 – Services not available on TV2, E38 – Program Map Table Not Available, E74 – LNB1 overload, E50 – No services available, E75 – LNB2 Overload,


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  1. E66-32 clear that error for my decorder pls.iuc 2015943462

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  2. I been having issues with my gotv for over 2weeks now, it cracks when I use it on generator but works perfectly on electricity, I’ve tried everything increasing the generators current and moving the antenna position sti doesn’t work….my IUC number is 4613750234

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  3. My decorder keeps on searching for signal every time, I try rescan and reset but nothing seems to be working only writing no channels was found. ICU number is 4622739593 kindly assist

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  4. Ohm av tried 2 overcome the problem of this e48-32 since a week ago av tried to reset,scan done all I can still the same plz m realy fed up plz help out

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  5. hi please assist me my Dstv has been searching for signal for days now, the scanning is in progress but nothing seems to happen. have fixed the NLB cable and restarted my decoder but still nothing happens. please assist ASAP

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  6. hi I need some assistance my decoder is giving me the E48-32 message and I went to the website and I was showed how to reset my decoder and I went to factory reset settings and I have lost all signal strength and now m I’m stuck on step 3 of 4 can kindly assist in this regard

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  7. hi I had an error message for a while now I have been trying to contact the service centre with luck.
    I then went to this website and I was given a way to reset my decoder now I have done the factory reset setting and I have lost all signal and I’m stuck on step 3 of 4 can’t go any further please assist

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  8. I have a dual view, the primary decoder reads ther is “no signal. This is due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation” while the tv 2 functions well. This problem started two days after it rained. Please what can i do. Thank u

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  9. i have paid my monthly subscription of 599ksh,in diffrent instalments of 298ksh,yesterday i toped up 300ksh but still i cant get the services enquiring why i cant get the services and i pay every month.on visiting my online portal it indicates that my account is suspended. help me on what am supposed to do to continue enjoying

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    1. Try to call the customers service helpline and you will be helped. Make sure you have all relevant payment details

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  10. Please help. After trying out so many options on solving e48_ 32, at one point I read from the gotv website that I go to first time installation. Now my decorder is saying ” no services found” after scanning.I had just paid ksh 1800 subscription which am not utilizing since the Decorder has refused to work completely.please help. Am stressed

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    1. The only advise I can give you is to carry your decorder and take it to the nearest GOTV customer service center. They will check it and tell you what you are supposed to do.

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  11. How to clear E42-38 error code

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    1. The entire guide on how to clear error code e42-38 has been shared above. In fact, the different alternative options. Just follow the guide and you will be done.

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