A List Of 4 Free Domain Name Providers To Try Out

Acquiring a free custom domain name from any provider for example www.your-name.extension is a dream come true to many bloggers out there just like it used to be my long awaited dream but which turned into reality. A custom domain name has so many benefits over the known sub-domains for example you-choice.wordpress.com, you-choice.blog.com and many other they are offered by the different providers which include simplicity, easy to remember, unique and much more.

While most of the custom domains or the top level domain names are known not to be for free, there are so many other providers out there who offer 100% free domain names and most of them being well optimized in search engines like Google unlike a few of them (not included in the list) which were banned from searches, and that is why in this post, I made a compilation of the different service providers where anyone can be able to create a free domain name of choice and within minutes imagine.

1. Dot.Tk – Dot tk offers a free domain name with a tk extension and which is a top level one representing Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand. You have an option to use services like A-Records, C-Names, MX-Records, Email forwarders, Domain masking and others.

2. Co.Nr – On Co.Nr, you get a free domain name with the above extension. You can use it for URL redirections, URL Cloaking (masking), Shortening, File Free Path Forwarding, Meta support, Webmaster options and many more features.

3. Me.Pn – Whether you want to create , discussion forums, personal blogs, family photo gallery, personal profiles or any other, you can get your free domain here. On the same service, you can get the Eu.Pn web address.

4. Cu.Cc – On Cu.Cc, you have the option to register up to 100 free domain names with features including free DNS service with full MX, CNAME, A and SOA records.

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