Price List For Processing URA Driving Permit Including Bank Charges, Provisional DP, Full DP, Medical Form, Test Fees, Extension, Renewal and Etc

URA Driving Permit Wondering how much you are supposed to pay when processing your Driving Permit in Uganda through URA? Don’t worry, this post has the updated list of all processing prices at all stages and where you are supposed to pay the monies involved.

You should note that the processing of applying, renewing, exchanging and extension of drivers license or permit in Uganda is the duty of Uganda Revenue Authority and then to Kyambogo Face technologies, a ministry of transport and communication agency.

The prices including all charges involved during the processing is the duty of URA and as a must, one has to clear all dues in order to successfully go about the processing of driving permit application.

Price list and what you are paying for in breakdown.

– Test fees 25000 + 2500
– Provisional DP 24000 + 2500
– Extension 41000
– Validity in years 55000 + 2500 1 year
– Validity in years 130000 + 2500 3 years
– Validity in years 250000 + 2500 5 years
– Medical forms filled and signed by a hospital between 10000 to 30000 x 2.
– Provisional DP (Learners Driving permit) 30000,
– Full DP 60000
– Extension Class 60000
– Duplicate DP 30000
– Renewal 13000 3 years

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Please note that these prices may be changed at any time without notice and the current quote is based at the date of posting this article.


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    is it allowed to put 2 class at once ,and at what cost.bye cheers.

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    i need to add class DL in my permit,but i still have class b,i have drove over sixteen years,is it possible to jump CH AND PUT DL,and how much does it cost.

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  3. Can i upgrade to 2 classes at the same time ?

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    1. Thanks rogers, it is very possible. But please note that each class is treated differently, which means you pay each of it differently at ura, testing etc

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  4. So Great Thnx Alot..

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