5 Top Rated Bathtub Accessories Reviews 2017

In this review, we share with you the best 5 bathtub accessories which you might find very helpful when it comes to turning your apartment or house the way you would want it to look like. Yes, such products are unavoidable more especially if one switches to a house which was pre-designed by the original owners, and or those who built it. And as we all know that someone else’ fantasy may not be yours, that calls for a need to remodel and there by having to purchase those which fit your requirements.

Unlike people who would simply “buy anything just to buy”, one thing we believe and know is that getting the best Bathtub Accessory is something which might requires trials of the different products if at all one is determined to get the perfect. With many brands and features claims by the different providers, it makes more sense when one follows specific guidelines in order to find the exact requirement match.

One way of finding out the better one is through looking at the different factors which may include but not limited to the pricing, the brand, other buyers ratings, consumer reviews and etc. That is why in this 2016 list, we looked at all and shared with you hoping that as a potential buyer, you might them helpful towards making the right choice.

#1 Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat 16" x 28"

Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat 16

Things we considered – Claimed characteristics

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– Sold from $12.93
– 1944 customer feedback
– touch and comfortable
– High strength suction cups
– Anti slippery rubber
– Easier cleaning
– Stylish neutral color

#2 OXO Good Grips Bathtub Drain Protector

OXO Good Grips Bathtub Drain Protector

Things we considered – Claimed characteristics

– Sold from $5.99
– 1020 client feed back
– Scaled to fit over drains
– Effectively catches hair while allowing water to drain
– Silicone rim helps keep Drain Protector in place
– Rust proof stainless steel construction
– Size of .25″ h x 2.75″ w x 2.75″ l,
– Great for utility sink drains

#3 OXO Tot Silicone Tub Drain Stopper- Aqua

OXO Tot Silicone Tub Drain Stopper- Aqua

Things we considered – Claimed characteristics

– Sold from $7.89
– 1641 customer feedback
– Dimentions of 6.00″ h x 5.00″ w x .10″ l,
– Measures .9 pounds
– Seals drain to fill tub with water
– Suction cup secures Stopper to tub floor
– Suction cup can be used to store stopper when not in use

#4 Bath Dreams Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides

Bath Dreams Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray with Extending Sides

Things we considered – Claimed characteristics

– Sold at $26.99
– Highly rated
– Adjustable bamboo caddy
– Measures 27 3/4 inches closed and expands up to 41-1/2 inches wide
– gift idea for men, women, dad or mom
– 3 notches that will hold your device in case it falls
– Convenient built in cup holder

#5 Better Bath Deep Water Bath

Better Bath Deep Water Bath

Things we considered – Claimed characteristics

– Sold from $10.29
– 1946 customer feedback
– Allows up to 60% more water
– Keeps water level higher and the temperature warmer for longer periods of time
– No installation necessary, attaches to your tub with convenient suction cups
– Made of durable vinyl and resists mildew
– Machine washable

What is the good choice? Seriously writing, this question can only be answered through trials and errors. Yes, that is the only way one can be in position to tell. Many do share that sometimes, quality can be judged from the price well as that too varies. Anyways, I did my work and shared with you, its your turn to chose one basing on your requirements.


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