000Webhost Introduces 1 Hour Daily Sleep For Free Sites

000webhost! Your site is sleeping News coming in from the “once” popular and leading free web hosting service providers 000Webhost are that a “a simple but fair limitation” as they refer it to has been / was introduced by this company. The new limitation which started working already will see all free hosted sites running on the free 000webhost platform will get 1 hour of sleep every day.

Once this limit is implemented, it is said that website owners will be able to choose their preferred time when your site goes to sleep where by during those specified times, websites won’t be reachable to the public. This means that people who will attempt to arrive to the affected sites will not be able to see to see contents they want to.

In the email I received today myself as a once user of the free 000Webhost service before they changed their hosting ways to sub domains, the only way as suggested to avoid this limit was upgrading to Hostinger, their Cheap and Premium Hosting service, or to continue learning completely for free on a best free web hosting platform while getting the daily 1 hourly off time. See quoted message from 000webhost in detail..

Hi ,
In recent years 000webhost – a free learning platform – became one of the biggest & best free web hosting provider. Many smaller features were released while also making complete redesigns that users cheer about to this day.

Without doubt such quality costs a lot. To keep learning experience free for all and separate it from commercial websites, a simple but fair limitation was introduced.

In the first two weeks of November every website hosted on a free 000webhost platform will get 1 hour of sleep every day. Your website won’t be reachable to the public, but once the limit is implemented you will be able to choose the time when your site goes to sleep.

You can avoid this limit by upgrading to Hostinger – our Cheap and Premium Hosting service. Or continue learning completely for free on a best free web hosting platform. You can find more info in the forum post.
Upgrade to Hostinger to avoid sleep time

What does this mean?

While the message indicates that “first two weeks of November”, I am personally not sure whether this will only run for a period of time or it is a whole new limitation feature which will forever run.

If not mistaken, it all begun with the forced sub-domain feature which was introduced way back and now a 1 hour everyday limitation where all free hosted sites are forced off depending on the chosen times.

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000webhost sleep settings

Additionally, I have ready from forums users complaining about the sleep settings where some say that instead of the 1 hour, the settings say “your website will be sleeping for 4 hours every day.” check above screenshot….

Now that you have been introduced to this feature which is set once one is logged into the hosting dashboard, I am sure you know what your right time when your site will sleep is. Back in the days, I wrote this post of hosting a single domain on two hosts, may be you got this option when your site is in sleep status..

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