10 Common Spam Keywords In Google Analytics Data You Should Take Note Of

If you use Google analytics when it comes to monitoring your website or blog traffic statistics and data, this is a post you must not miss out. In here, I share with you those most common Spam keywords spammers use to fake traffic to your website and thus making them appear in your Google Analytics data.

Spam is bad to those who are spammed and “good” to spammers simply because they benefit. And that is why when you take a thorough search on the different sites on net, you will find out that there are very many posts about spam and how to fight it.

Spammers use so many ways including comments, guest posts and now in your Analytics data. The reason is that once you see such keywords, you will most likely attempt to find the referring site through its keyword and which will mean traffic to the target.

Well, and I am sharing with you those common spam keywords you must watch of every time you access your analytics data. The good thing is that there is a way you can block them so as to completely make them never to be seen again in your data.

What are those common spam keywords you are likely to encounter in your Google Analytics data?

1. Beat with a shovel the weak google spots addons.mozilla.org/enus/firefox/addon/ilovevitaly/
2. Forum.topic42886363.darodar.com
3. Sexyali.com
4. Ghost spam is free from the politics, we dancing like a paralytics
5. Google officially recommends ilovevitaly.com search shell
6. Erot.co
7. Sanjosestartups.com
8. непереводимая.рф
9. vitaly rules google ☆*:.。.゚゚・*ヽ(^
10. howtostopreferralspam.eu

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The next time you encounter any of them, just add it on your blocked filter list. The above are simply Spam keywords and which aren’t real referrals for your site hits.

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