12 Street Foods You Ought to Taste When in Lucknow

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Kebab, Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India is among the most popularly visited places by tourists from all over the country and the world. There are numerous things to do and activities to indulge in this beautiful historic city. it is also an amazing place for food lovers, both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian category.

If you are a food lover, you are sure to love visiting here with your family and friends and have a taste of the delicious Awadhi cuisine and a wide range of Nawabi food. You can also find a charming Nawabi atmosphere here. You just have everything to cater to your taste palettes, ranging from mutton to kebabs to biryani, etc. Be it street food or luxury restaurants, you cannot simply resist the food served here.

Some must street foods during the trip

  1. Kebab: Without Kebab, Lucknow is nothing! It is a popular delicacy that can be found in almost every street corner of the city and in different flavors and tastes. It’s soft filling, crispy outer layer and amazing taste are sure to compel you to try the spicy kebabs throughout your stay. Besides the non-veg varieties, you can also come across veg types like the Veg Shami kebab, Tunday Kebab, and Galawati Kebab. Chowk is perhaps the best place for tasting kebabs.
  2. Chole Bhature: This snack is amazingly prepared at Lucknow with a unique taste and flavor, something you will not get elsewhere. It is available in every street corner. A wonderful combination with this dish is Lassi. Chowk is the best place to have Chole Bhature.
  3. Biryani: The next popularly sold and consumed street food in Lucknow is biryani. The rich aroma and flavor of this Mughlai rice-based dish with meat and vegetables in it is sure to melt your heart right from the first bite itself. There are available different varieties of biryani that vary from being less spicy to excess spicy. One recommendation is to try out Veg Handi Dum Biryani if you are a vegetarian. Gomti Nagar is the right place to taste this dish.
  4. Basket Chaat: If you love chaats, then the special basket chaat of Lucknow is sure to leave you mesmerized and you are sure to crave for more of this spicy snack. You can have it along with chai. Basket is prepared to resemble a crispy token comprising of interesting chaat flavors such as mashed aloo along with varieties of chutneys and much more dishes. Gomti Nagar in Hazaratgunj is where you should taste this snack.
  5. Malai Makkhan: If the sweet dish is what you crave for, be it in the evening or morning, then Malai Makkhan is sure to rule your hearts. It is a specialty that is popular in Lucknow and served mostly in winter. In some places, it is also referred to as Nimish. Good quality milk goes into preparing this dish, which has a foamy texture and topped with nuts. Chowk is again the best place for trying out this dish.
  6. Veg Kebab Parantha: You may perhaps have assumed that kebab means non-veg food. But this veg kebab parantha is a real delight for all vegetarians, the flavors of which are sure to surprise you completely! You can have it with chai in the morning or evening as desired. The soft and super delicious kebabs are served with crispy, tasty rumble roti. It is best sold at Kapoorthala.
  7. Poori Kachori: This is a popular snack that is prepared throughout the country, but Lucknow is said to have its own style and taste, something that compels you to try it. This dish is popular among the locals who have it almost on a daily basis for their morning breakfast or evening snacks. The local vendors at Hazratganj and the restaurants are always crowded with people ordering for this snack.
  8. Kulche Nihari: It is definitely one of Lucknow’s popular non-veg dishes that you should have during the trip. Your trip is likely to be incomplete without having this mouth-watering dish. The dish offers you a unique flavor combination of Nihari and Kulcha, a taste that you will fall in love with. Chowk is where they prepare an aromatic and tasty kuche nihari dish.
  9. Chicken Shawarma: Lucknow is said to be the place where they prepare top quality and delicious Chicken Shawarma and the price is very much affordable. Munching this will give you a wonderful experience and can be had at any point in time. it can be served with mayonnaise sauce to enhance its taste further. You can get good quality Chicken Shawarma at Patrakarpuram.
  10. Nainital Momos: Momos are popular in the North East. But Nainital Momos of Lucknow is something different and has a special twist to the regular taste. There are several varieties of momos prepared across Lucknow, some of which you might have never heard about before. But those that are served locally on the street corners are considered to be the spiciest, something that cannot be forgotten or missed out. For spicy and tasty Nainital Momos visit Gomti Nagar.
  11. Kulfi Faluda: If you are tired of having ice cream and want to try out something new to ward off the heat during peak summer and Loo, then Kulfi Faluda of Aminabad is perhaps the best bet. It is among the loved street foods of children and adults alike and can be found at almost every corner in Lucknow. There are also available different varieties to suit your taste, preferences, and moods. One bite and it is sure to melt right into your mouth.
  12. Shahi Takuda: This dish is among the specialties prepared in ‘Land of the Nawabs”. It is prepared using heavy and rich ingredients and is better had after meals. It is a sweet dish and will complete your meal and ensure you have a satisfied tummy. Aminabad has numerous vendors selling good quality and fresh Shahi Takeda.

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12 Street Foods You Ought to Taste When in Lucknow

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