16 Video Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Traffic in 2023

Last Updated on December 4, 2022 by KWS Adams
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Getting more traffic to your website is one of the common concerns for webmasters and marketers. If you are a marketer, perhaps you must have heard about SEO used to drive traffic to any website. But if you are harnessing the power of video marketing, then parameters change a lot. You must have been using some robust online video editor to create stunning videos.

Still, the next phase of distribution is also important. It is where the video marketing strategies come into place. Apart from conventional marketing techniques, we will list down some pretty simple yet strong video marketing tips that will get you more users to your desired page/ product.

Some of the best video marketing tips are given here.

1.   Create mesmerizing YouTube thumbnails: YouTube is a popular video streaming site that has gained huge success during recent times. Hence it becomes necessary to grab YouTube user’s attention in the shortest time possible. For that, you should design catchy thumbnails that match your content type. Try to avoid clickbait content as the user may enter the video, but the bounce rate becomes high. Wherever possible, try to use people’s face closeups in the video thumbnail with reactions to gain the user’s attention.

2.   Compelling Headlines/ Titles: Killer headlines are a thing for videos too. Apart from the thumbnail, the users also read the headlines/ titles of the videos, and it plays a vital role whether they’ll enter your video or not. In videos, headlines will perform well if they are crisp and tackles the emotions of the users. You can use some of these tricks, make a promise in the title, move their emotions, and garner nice words to cater to your audience. You can check your competitor’s headlines that win the audience’s hearts and try to improvise them for your video.

3.    Use YouTube Cards: Although their use is being very less, YouTube cards can be a good way to hook your viewers by giving them a chance to do something of their own. You can promote five different types of elements through the YouTube cards. Those are video/ playlists, channels, donations, polls, or links to approved websites. A poll is a good way to know your actual viewer’s interest, and you can get ideas from here to develop video content in demanding genres.

4.   Use of End Screens: End screens are a good way to put the user to different content without losing time. You are essentially not giving them time to think after the video and easily drive them to your new videos or other links. You can also ask them to subscribe to your channel and remind them of your hard work behind the whole video editing process to gain some emotional support.

5.     Add meaningful tags: Tags are little descriptive texts that put your videos in categories and brackets so YouTube can easily understand the context of your videos. It is extensively used in videos, audios, and content marketing to enable the search engines and platforms to understand your content and drive them to the right audience. There can be four kinds of tags: specific tags, compound tags, generic tags, and misspellings. You can check about them to understand the best requirements for your videos.

6.  Translate Tags: With a good business perspective, if your videos can generate some business in new places, then do include a translated version of your tags in your videos. It will be useful to harness your multilingual market through videos that are understandable for them. Use the free Google Translator tool to convert your tags to the preferred language.

7.    Optimise YouTube for SEO: On some of the keywords, you will see that there will be links to YouTube videos in the results section. It can help your SEO as you can then redirect your search traffic to your web pages. There are some simple good practices, such as putting links at the top of the description box, using target keywords within the first 20 words of the description, and including keywords at least 3-4 times in the description.

8.  Best Time Scheduling: Videos posted at a particular time in the day will garner more responses than others. When you are trying to post a video at any specific time of the day, you should try to go with the statistics showing that certain segments in the day where a posted video garners more views. You can also check the number of times to post in a day for an optimum level of engagement.

9.  Add captions for silent viewing: Well, captions are not the first thing that comes to your mind while making videos but is an essential tool that can help your viewers see your videos without actually hearing them. While it is better to do the manual work of adding captions, you can also take help from automated software.

10.  Understand video metrics: You should check your video metrics to gain insightful lessons that will help you plan your video better.

11.  Use video replies on Twitter: Video replies are a great way of seeing people’s reactions and attracting more people to check the original post.

12.  Put relevant links in Instagram: The links can let you drive traffic to referred materials such as websites, YouTube, and more.

13. Try out PromoPosts on Instagram: PromoPosts can directly address your audience’s concerns providing a better way to connect.

14.  Embed videos in mails: You can embed videos in emails so that users can watch them from their app only.

15.  Check how your videos fit in your marketing strategy: Our ultimate goal should be fixed, and every campaign should be directed to that, whether with videos or without videos.

16.  Use GIFs in emails: Gifts can easily be embedded in the email without taking much space.

You can check the above video marketing strategies and try out a few to gain traffic and leads. 

16 Video Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Traffic in 2023

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