20 Cleaning Tips and Tricks

computer cleaning tipsWhen you think of all the places to clean around your home, cleaning your laptop can seem to be one of the last things on your list. But do you have any idea how much bacteria is actually covering your keyboard and computer screen?

Think about all of the food crumbs that have become trapped under the keyboard or the layer of dust that has accumulated on the screen and keyboard. Not only do we have a list of 20 tips and tricks to make cleaning and keeping a clean laptop easier, but we also know a place you can put all of the dirt.

Before you begin cleaning grab your Ubbi pail to dump all of your trash in its the best diaper pail for cleaning messes. It has odor protection and a locking lid so once your computer dirt and bacteria are in it won’t be able to get back out.

Hopefully, these tips will make cleaning your laptop easier to do!

1. Make your own cleaner

Mix together a cup of distilled water and white vinegar. It’s a simple recipe that will get the job done and it is a more cost-effective option rather than buying it from the store.

2. Dry-wipe the screen

Use a lint-free cloth to wipe your screen. Using tissue paper, towels, or any other type of cloth can potentially scratch your screen. 

3. Don’t press too hard

If you press too hard on the screen you can damage the computer. Destroying the pixels of the computer can cause your screen to break and you won’t be able to see a piece or all of what’s being portrayed on the screen.

4. No chemicals

Steer clear of chemicals like alcohol and window cleaner. The use of these on your computer screen can negatively affect the protective coating on your computer.

5. Monitor cleaner

Mix together one cup of distilled water and a cup of isopropyl alcohol in a bottle. Then take a lint-free  cloth and carefully wipe down the monitor.

6. Unplug the computer

Unplugging the device will allow you to see all the places that the dust and dirt are hiding. And due to using a liquid cleaner unplugging it will make it less likely that you get shocked.

7. Don’t spray the solution directly on the screen

Don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on the screen because the liquid will run into the device. Which can lead to damage later on.

8. Wash your hands

After you use the bathroom or eat a meal make sure that you wash your hands. If you don’t wash your hand’s grease and other food particles may become trapped in your keyboard.

9. Don’t eat or drink when using your computer

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It should be common sense not to drink around your computer because a spilled drink can cause your computer to short circuit and break. And trapped food particles under the keyboard can cause bacteria to grow.

10. No kids at the computer

Until your children are old enough to understand the rules of using the computer they shouldn’t be able to use it. This is because children love to put their hands and toys in their mouths therefore whatever is on their hands will be transferred to your keyboard.

11. Take your computer to a professional tech cleaner

Tech services will take cleaning your device a step farther than you can. Every once in a while use the tech cleaners instead of doing it yourself.

12. Turn it off

When you aren’t using your computer turn it off completely. Also, remove all of the CDs or DVDs that may be in the computer.

13. Temperature

If you’re coming from a cold to a hot environment or vice versa allow your computer to reach room temperature before you turn it on.

14. Don’t use pointers

Refrain from using any types of pens or pointers on the screen. This is because the use of them can damage your screen.

15. Avoid other appliances

Don’t place your computer close to objects that have a strong magnetic field. Things like television or speakers and refrain from placing your cellphone on the computer.

16. Close the laptop

By keeping your screen closed when you’re not using it will keep your screen from collecting unnecessary dust.

17. Don’t use blankets

The use of blankets, pillows, or towels can cause a fire. This is because they cover the fan that keeps the fan from overheating.

18. Place the computer in a safe place

If you’re not careful about where you place your computer it can be broken. It can be stepped on, sat on, or fall into the water, so make sure that you place your computer in a dry and safe place.

19. Use passwords

Passwords will allow you to keep all of your personal information safe from hackers and anyone else that may be trying to access your computer.

20. Use a VPN

This is a virtual private network that will reroute you to a secure WiFi connection. This will protect your computer from hackers in airports, restaurants, and other public places.
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