2018 Best New Tech Gadgets Reviews

2017 New Tech Gadgets Reviews Modern [[[gadgets]]] are always amazing devices, which differ due to fanciful form and originality of composed functions. Normally, such interesting gadgets are shown by their producers on the biggest exhibitions such as Gadget Fair, Mobile World Congress, CES-2016 and others.

Those might be interesting home items, kitchen items, up-to-date health and sport gadgets, automobile items, innovations in the sphere of play world. Entertaining gadgets might get interest of those who like package gadgets, which are going to be useful in everyday life despite rather limited functionality.

It is unlikely for them to be used on a regular basis, nevertheless, eccentric people will check all the innovations in the area of gadgets out for sure. Some may think that these gadgets are of no use but these devices are the beginning of contemporary developments in this direction. There are more to come and the best is yet to come.

VR-shoes make feel every step within virtual reality

If the year is rightfully considered to be the year of virtual reality, then they year 2017, perhaps, will become the year of VR-accessories. We have seen a lot marked with VR lately: outfits, jogging tracks, fitness equipment, bicycles, controllers of all types and even rifles for virtual shooters. But it is unlikely for someone to see VR-shoes. It was the idea of Cerevo Japan company engineers. The shoes are called Taclim, and visitors of world-wide CES 2017 exhibition are going to be the first ones to try them on in Las Vegas soon.

So, what do Taclim shoes have to offer its users? They offer absolutely tangible return coupling, which is possible due to many ton-sensory devices and system of tactile driving. For example, when a user kicks the enemy in virtual reality, he feels passage of his leg with the body of the opponent and when he walks on the snow or a clearing in the woods, his feet feel different texture of the surfaces he steps on. Those lucky ones, who have already tried the shoes say that for now the system works far from perfect and the couple back works just about every other time. But there is a suggestion that developers will remove these sad defects eventually.

Taclim shoes are going to be available for sale in autumn 2017. Президент японской компании The president of Japan Cerevo company Takuma Iwasa sees the main sphere of application in different services advertising. For instance, an icerink worker will be able to illustrate dramatically to all the potential carriers all the brilliance of this entertainment even in case they are unable to stand wearing ice skates. Taclim shoes are going to cost in-between 1000 to 1500 dollars, and will unlikely become wide spread beyond their field-specific sphere.

Toilet paper for smartphone is Japan airport

There is no wonder that Japans came up with an idea of a toilet paper for smartphone. They have always been so inventive. Even though it sounds rather weird. In very deed this innovation is not-so useless as it might seem to be from the very beginning. Just because even using the toilet, we keep using our mobile devices. The air in such places is full of different microbes, which subsides on the surface of the gadget. This is the case when special Japan toilet paper will come to help.

Toilet rooms of Narita airport in Tokyo were the first ones, which were honored to take part in testing the toilet paper for gadgets. The biggest Japan cell operator NTTDoCoMo took the lead. Each lap of paper contains a piece of information about how to connect to free Wi-Fi of the airport, also where a passenger can receive answers to the points of interest. It goes without saying that there is an instruction printed as for how to remove microbes with the help of this paper from the surface of your gadget.

Some will laugh at such innovations, it does make sense though. We wash hands often enough, what the point though if a smartphone collect dirt for months and we do not do anything about it. It seems to look fine but far from everybody thinks that afterwards we sit at the table with this dirt, go to bed and everywhere except for swimming pool. Japans are not that eccentric after all.

Polish engineers developed robo-bees

Bees population decreases each year making the scientists, bee-keepers and random people to where they get worried about unpleasant consequences seriously with which humanity may face in case of useful insects to disappear entirely. This is why the researchers began searching for possible ways out this problem. One of the variants suggested by the research workers of polytechnic university of Warsaw is robo-bees able to pollinate plants.

The first generation of robo-bees was created a few years ago. Back then, the devices could not fly pollinating plants moving on wheels only. Progress forges ahead and now, Polish engineers were able to create truly something similar to real insects.

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Upgraded version of a robo-bee is a small pilot-less drone specially developed for pollinating the plants. It works autonomously, almost hands-free. All an operator should do is to specify an area, which is to be pollinated and the drone takes it from there. B-Droids, this is the way pilot-less drones are called, are in early stages of development so far, but specialists who were developing them say that in a year-year and a half, they will be able to present with a completely working version of the device.

Droids are controlled by means of a computer and are up to speed on space due to false cameras weight. This is how they are able to see flowers they can pollinate. Robo-bees just fly from one flower to another until all the plants in the specific area are pollinated.

All fine and dandy but these robots are getting tired very fast. A battery is low after a few minutes of flight, Digital Trends informs.

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