3 Apps Which Pays To Action – Watching TV And Enjoying Videos

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Apps Which Pays To Action - Watch TV, See Ads, Unlock Your Phone, Enjoy Videos, Others

This is a big list of those applications which pays you to do your favorite tasks for example watching a Video, Listening to music, Shopping, Unlocking your smartphone, watching TV and many others. And some of the applications listed below goes on not only to pay for task done but too, for those tasks done by your neighbors.

If you have been looking out for money, and or making some extra cash through your mobile or computer, this article might be of help to you. Just imagine getting paid to watch your favorite artist newest released YouTube song? How about browsing Facebook and chatting with your friends? How about you and your neighbors watching the new while you earn?

Here is the long list of those applications and service providers which pays you to use them…

1. Giant Cinema – This is all about Freedom. Giant Cinema pays you when your neighbors watch TV. Its interesting but the core on what this provider stands on.

2. Viggle App – This is a free application which rewards users for watching television. You download and install it and start earning for that very task. Supports both Apple and Android devices

3. RewardTV – You seen it right, its a rewards application. Once installed, you start getting rewards back for watching your favorite Television programs.

If you have never though of getting paid or earning some extra cash for watching television, I am sure you can know prove that its possible and that you can. How about just trying them out.

3 Apps Which Pays To Action – Watching TV And Enjoying Videos

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