3 Racing Gaming Applications For Nokia X2 Series

The Nokia X2 series is not only a game device but a great mobile phone which many users find interesting and useful due to its functionality in addition to the different application support. Some of its features include a camera, a memory card support, a radio, a good battery life and many others. If you take a look on the different forums, you will find that many people keep asking what the best Nokia X2 game applications are and to answer this for you, it all depends on what the phone owner wants as people have different interests.

Below, I have compiled s list of those game applications for your device which to me looks greater.

1. Hill Climb Bike Racer – This is a free game which you can download onto your phone from the different apps stores like getjar. If you are a car and bike fan, this app can work for you on your Nokia.It has features like a neat ultimate control, a range of cars to choose from, colorful and brighter graphics and others.

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2. Extreme River Race – For those who love speeds at higher rates, this a great one to test. It has a range of cruises including on beaches,rivers and so on. Its features include an easy control, rich in graphics and many refer to it as being addictive.

3. Road Smash – The Speed – For those who love high way driving, this is an awesome one. You can exercise your driving skills in addition to being secure while driving. You will enjoy fun, a high number of graphics and go to the top speed you want.

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