3 Visible Signs Your Boss Is Soon Firing You Anytime Off Job

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You are fired from job

Job security is one employee concern these days more especially when qualified people who can handle or perform same tasks are on the increase. In situations when things turn not to work or run well between your workmates, immediate supervisors or even your top boss, a need to know what is likely to happen before it eventually does is vital. This is because many employees end up loosing their jobs at a time when they are not well prepared.

While traveling to the city center to work using a commuter public taxi, I witnessed how the taxi driver and the conductor behaved. Everyone seemed to be on the right track and each time, they would argue including over nothing. The taxi driver preferred to show powers while at the same time, the conductor too wanted to show that he sticks to his words besides the fact that he is employed by the driver. By judging from the different incidences, I realized that the boss seemed to be tired with his employee, and thus predicting that one of them looked to be going to lose the Job.

In this article, I share with you the 3 visible signs that your boss is soon firing you from your current job and anytime. If by any chance you happen to notice any of them, it is very important for you to set plan be since these happen when something is not going on well. Staying informed is not way equivalent to being uninformed as this helps you know what to do next and when with regard to your Job as an employee. Below are 3 visible signs that your boss is going to fire you anytime.

Employee-Boss relationship changes

When the employee-boss relationship disappears, this is a sign that something is very wrong and one which one should always take note of. Things like less communication, invalid responses, inability to be told on a wrong act and many other actions can help to tell that indeed something is wrong and a cause for worry since as it goes on, one might end up losing a Job.

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Frequent reviews

Trust me, by the time they hire you, your boss is likely to have found something in you with regard to work. But when things are running out of hand, this is when every time, you are called for unfriendly explanations. The company will start reviewing almost every work you do, a sign that there is something which isn’t going on well. The more the reviews, the higher your chances of being kicked out.


Be management, be coworkers and etc, they are all expected to at least in touch with matters concerning work. But when they suddenly decide to ignore or even leave you out in many company things eg on what is currently happening, it is a sign that something might have happened. Being isolated can itself cause you trouble and eventually make you quit the job before you are fired.

Other clear view things you can see and tell that your job is in a shaky situation may include but not limited to bad response, project transfers, your post has been advertised, being questioned out of blue, financial instability, take over, given less work to do, being excluded from important matters eg meetings, asked to resubmit a CV, taken off the company email list and etc.

3 Visible Signs Your Boss Is Soon Firing You Anytime Off Job

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