4 Coolest Home Security Gadgets On The Market

Whether you like it, or not, all sorts of incidents will happen in your life and sometimes they will creep up on you at the comfort of your very own home. Yes, there are all sorts of insurance policies which can help you cover such unexpected losses, but, forever and always, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? So, in order to stay true to these words of wisdom, there are many methods, or gadgets to be precise, which can prevent these incidents from occurring in the first place.

Biometric fingerprint locks

You’ve probably been in a hotel where you get a key card that allows you to enter your room, but now many apartments, houses, flats and condos also utilize this amenity. It’s no wonder why, keys have been lost and forgotten by so many people throughout the ages, that it’s about time that we’ve started to replace everything with a more advanced technology, rather that sticking to a small piece of brass. Nevertheless, and unfortunately, this still won’t stop a burglar from breaking into your private space, no two ways about it…

Consequently, this fact prompted home owners to switch to a more sophisticated approach to home security and by installing a biometric fingerprint lock that digitally uses your unique fingerprint as a key, intruders will never have the chance to get anywhere near their loot.

Fake TV light

This one is all about wits – a very cleaver addition to home security that practically mimics a TV set with coloured flashes, sporadic movement simulation and pulsing light. This is a highly effective psychological LED-light ruse that tricks burglars into thinking that there is someone in the house, while you’re actually miles and miles away, enjoying yourself without your eyes being stuck on the TV screen.

It’s however recommended that this isn’t your only security mechanism, but if your locks are sturdy and all the doors properly sealed shut, then this deterring gadget with a timer will be the cherry on the cake of home security.

(Dummy) Surveillance Camera

The mother of home security – a surveillance camera. This would be the best investment, mainly because you can catch the burglar during the deed and use the footage as evidence against him/her, especially if legal necessity demands it. On the other hand, there is always that psychological side to the whole story where once the potential culprit notices that you are well equipped with cameras around the house, he/she will back down from the idea almost immediately, considering that it’s hard to avoid their video-recording lens to begin with.

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This fact also brought a new addition to home security gadgets – a dummy surveillance camera! Just mount this fake baby somewhere a tad conspicuous, and you’ll scare off the thieves in no time, just like the real thing.

Wedge Alarm

Another way to prevent burglars from sneaking in is this alarm system which can be positioned behind a door, for instance, and once uninvited guests attempt their break-in, this apparatus will roar with an immense 120dBs which can really cause harm to your ears. Such loudness will inevitably notify the whole neighborhood of the situation, so you won’t be alone during the potential robbery. You can bring it wherever you go, place it in any room, preferably the door, but what is most important is just how effective this screamer is.

Still, no matter how cool, entertaining and stylish these listed gadgets are (among many others unlisted ones), Sydney-based locksmith firm claim that it’s paramount to remain practical when it comes to home security, no matter the circumstance… First and foremost, check your locks, windows, doors, all entry points of your home and make sure that everything is functional and opening/closing/locking properly. Once you’ve taken care of all of the security basics, every other enhancement should be more than welcome.

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