4 YouTube Remembrance Day Videos I Watched

Remembrance Day is that one important which occurs during the month of November mostly on the 11th as observed in many countries which fall under the Common Wealth member states. And yes, being one from one of the nations, I always those who died in the line of duty by watching YouTube videos specifically about that.

And this year round, I watched more than 20 videos on YouTube about the same and which I am sharing with you and right here. I admit that indeed these videos captivated me. Not only they made me recall those past days but too left me in deep thoughts about the same.

November 11th (Remembrance Day) – This was uploaded on November 10th by KJ QUINN and live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHJyD5lOEV4. Watching it makes you remember what they went through. Its a 4.52 minute video.

Remembrance Day ceremony – Its a 1 hour and 11 minutes video uploaded by Northern Life. Its all about Remembrance Day ceremony at the Sudbury Arena. You can check it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faHHeCBj0Vs.

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Rememberace Day – It’s a 6:24 minute video uploaded by Christiine Porta. Watching it makes you forget who you are and where you are from and instead makes you remember those who fought.

RemembranceDay Ceremony Live from McGregor Armoury – A 56:08 minute video uploaded by ShawTV Winnipeg. Its self explanatory as he title.

Every time this day comes, as a must I have to watch some number of videos which are all about the same. I really love seeing the photos combined and many others. It all amazes me while at the same time making me recall.

Others include videos about Winniepeg, Surrey‬, ‪Royal Canadian Mounted Police‬, ‪‪Rowan Atkinson‬, ‪Justin Trudeau‬, ‪Calgary‬, In ‪Canada‬, ‪‪Silver Cross Mother‬, ‪World War II‬‬, ‪Canadian Armed Forces‬, ‪Military‬‬, InBev‬, ‪SABMiller‬, Anheuser-Busch InBev‬, ‪Molson Coors Brewing Company‬‬, World War II‬, ‪Nutley‬ and others

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