5 Comfortable Fat Burning Foods

Comfort food can act as a life savior at times. During times of depression and self-pity, these tasty food stuffs help to uplift the mood and make one feel happy. Each person’s comfort food is different. Some may find a bowl of ice-cream comforting while others may find chocolates relaxing. The common thread binding such food stuffs is that they are all fattening. Milk chocolates, ice-creams, deep fried food stuffs etc. have a lot of calories present in them that can make a person bloat. Hence, over consuming them is not a good idea at all.

However, there are some food stuffs that are not only comfortable but also help one lose weight. The top 5 food stuffs that are both comforting and catalyzing to weight loss have been discussed below:

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate on a cold or rainy day can instantly lift the mood and make you feel warm and fuzzy. Not only does it make you feel happy, it also aids weight loss by releasing anti-oxidants that fight cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes the body store fat. Cornell University has found that anti-oxidants are up to 5 times more concentrated in hot chocolate than they are in black tea.

Research has also shown that a cup of hot chocolate helps muscle recovery faster after a tough work out. Adding a bit of cinnamon powder to it will prohibit insulin from entering the blood stream and hence keep the body from storing fat.

Collard Greens

A bowl of this vegetable provides the necessary quantities of Vitamin A and K in the body and adds only 46 calories to it. A single helping of this vegetable will provide one with 7.6g of fibre which is much needed to lower the rate of calorie absorption in the body from carbs. Even popular weight loss programs like Nutrisystem include Collard Greens in their grocery guide that they recommend to their followers. They recommend the dieters to consume Collard Greens during the weight loss program as they can remain satiated for a considerable time.

Chicken Noodle Soup

A warm bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup can work wonders during a bout of cold. Not only is it very welcoming, but it also fills you. A Penn State study has shown that people who consume a bowl of soup before digging into entrees reduce their calorie intake by almost 20%! The water content of soup helps one feel full and thereby reduces the consumption of other kinds of food.

Moreover, a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup is packed with protein, fibre and other nutrients that are needed to speed up the body’s metabolism.


Despite being a diuretic, coffee can help boost metabolism due to the presence of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which increases the ability of the body to use fat for generating energy. It has also been noted that a small quantity of caffeine in the body can improve one’s performance during a work-out and also aid the muscles recover instantaneously.

Pot Roast

A rich source of protein and the moment it enters one’s body, starts increasing its metabolism. Proteins take longer to digest hence the body has to work harder in order to burn them. Since they last longer, they also give a feeling of fullness.

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The Nutrition Metabolism journal has noted that weight watchers who have increased their protein consumption to 30% of their total diet, have consumed 450 calories lesser than what they usually do. When viewed in terms of weight loss, it is equivalent to losing 11 pounds over 12 weeks without doing anything!

Therefore, there is no longer a need to abstain from comfort foods. By picking the right food items, one can fight the blues and watch their weight at the same time.

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