5 Essential Dorm Room Decorating Ideas 2020

Dorm_Room_Decoration A student must leave behind a lot while shifting to his dorm in college, and there are many things to miss once he is in his new setting. At home, the student has his entire family with him for emotional support, but once he is in college, he must adapt to the surroundings, find that emotional support in his roommates and friends, and feel at home as much as he can to avoid the sadness and depression. University campus is called a ‘home away from home’, but is it so?

Invest in things that serve more than one purpose

While being in your dorm room, you will not have as much space as inside your home. Hence, it is advised to invest in dorm ideas that serve more than one purpose and are eventually beneficial to have. There are many items that you can find both online and in brick and mortar stores, which will perfectly help you decorate your dorm room while serving as a storage counter or a study table. There are full sized mirrors, which have rods at the back where you can hang clothes, there are drawers infused with trunks, having huge storage space. Once in a dorm, you will not have a lot of space to bring in more furniture. That is why, you should just buy things that cover less space, and provide more storage, thereby making your room more beautiful as well.

Invest in some motivational posters and wall décor


Sometimes, a nice motivational poster on the wall can cheer you up more than anything else. Invest your money in buying or customizing something that has your favorite quote on it. Alternatively, you can paint one for yourself! Out of all the dorm room ideas, this one is something that every college student must adapt. It helps during the tough phases, and down times.

Create a Quiet Corner

You must have a corner in your room, which is your personal space to relax and unwind after an exhausting and hectic day. Once your college classes are over and you are back in your dorm, it is essential that you should have a quiet area to relax, where you can perhaps read a book or sip a cup of hot coffee while thinking about life and its purpose. In many articles and even in Edubirdie, the need to have a personal corner is exemplified.

Do some research about DIY and get going


You do not always need to spend while you are shopping for your dorm decorating items. You can also get them on a budget, and you can even make them on your own after conducting some research to find out the easiest, yet quirkiest DIY ideas, that can help you give a new look to your new home. Some college dorm ideas include putting up a picture collage of your family on your wall. You may also grab a hot glue gun and create hand-made cabinets for storage, and you may even create wall hangings for a fresh look.

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Invest in some Fragrances

To give your college room a home-like feel, buy your favorite fragrance and keep it handy. Whenever you miss home, you can sprinkle some of it in the air, take a deep breath and feel good. Smell is something that triggers memories in our mind, and having familiar smell around is also good for health. It will help you focus on things and miss home lesser than before. You can also buy some fragrant candles and light them up during the evening, for a calm and relaxing environment. It will not only provide a new, illuminated look to your room but will also help you loosen up after a hard day.

Buy some Greenery


Taking care of plants is a task when you do not have enough time or energy. However, some plants are low maintenance and require almost no time at all. The top ones in this category are succulents. These small sweeties will not only give your room a fresh and lively look but will also liven up your mood when you see greenery around you. Some students have dorm rooms in dense and thick cityscapes, where they do not see greenery, plants or trees at all. Without seeing natural plants, you can become depressed, and this fact is also backed by scientific research, which proves how greenery boosts our health!

Hence, the above are some amazing dorm room decor ideas that a student can implement in his dorm easily to make it look and feel like home. This way, you will not feel homesick, but will also be able to focus on your studies.

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