5 Free Calling Apps For Your Desktop Computer

When it comes to making free calls, many people are used to mobile phone applications more especially those which are supported by the different smartphones. And while that is true, one thing you should know is that there are so many applications which are supported on computers like laptops and desktops which one can install and instantly start making free calls and doing other tasks like sending free text messages to both computers and handheld devices to both same application users and non application users.

If you have been looking for such applications, below you will find a list of up to 5 desktop supported apps which you will install on your computer and make that call.

1. Skype – This is free to download. You can make free Skype-to-Skype calls and cheap worldwide calls to mobile and landline numbers from your desktop computer.

2. LineĀ  – This is a free calling and texting application which works on desktop computers. You can make calls and send free messages from where you are located.

3. Nonoh – This is a Voice over internet protocol application which allows you make free calls to fellow Nonoh users. Its free to download and to install on your desktop computer.

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4. Voxox – This application allows you to make free desktop to desktop calls, desktop to mobile, mobile to desktop and mobile to mobile to fellow voxox members around the world.

5. VMobile Talk – Whether you are looking forward to making PC to PC or PC to mobile free calls, this application does allow you to do that. Its free to download.

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