5 Great Photo Booth Troubleshooting Tips

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Social booth can be used at various events; because it has multiple applications in one convenient software program, it is incredibly easy to use. However, with any software, the effectiveness is limited by the user’s ability to utilize it well. Here are some tips and tricks for using this software to its fullest potential, as well as some troubleshooting methods.

Use External Flash Mode – If you are using a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera with an external flash, check that the external flash’ box in the General Settings tab is selected. This will resolve the issue of having dark photographs.

Printer is not Working – If it seems that the printer is not doing its job, try checking the Device and Printers sections of your computer’s control panel. If the printing device appears grey in the window, this means your computer is not recognizing it, and therefore not communicating with it. One sure way to avoid this is to make sure all the devices you need are powered on before you turn your computer on. This ensures that the computer will recognize all devices as it is booting up. In the meantime, simply restart the computer to establish the connection.

Correcting the Camera’s Auto-Focus – At some point, you may notice that the camera is not focusing. This common issue has an easy fix; on you camera, make sure that the dial is set to ‘M’. After, change the lens to AF (auto-focus) and then take a photo. Taking a photo will allow the lens to set itself at the distance it needs to capture the photo correctly, according to where your guests are standing. Once this is complete, the lens can be changed back to ‘MF,’ and the rest of the event should go off without issues.

Video Attract Mode – Video Attract Mode’ is found underneath the ‘Extras’ tab on your Social Booth software. This cool feature allows short videos to be played on the screen while the booth is not in use (somewhat like a screen saver). You can even make customized videos that present your logo and some text. To do this, store the video in ‘my documents’ then access the ‘Extras’ tab and check the box for ‘video attract mode’. Select the file you uploaded, and the next time your booth is not in use, the video should loop. If you do not have a video to upload, there is still a very nice generic one that is built in for you to use.

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Green Screen – Social Booth also has one of the easiest green screen software platforms on the market. From your desktop, you can load up to 6 images into a folder. It is recommended that you label each image according to the theme it contains, or something that you can remember easily. The image size requirement is 1200×1800 pixels; you can use websites such as pixlr.com to resize them if you need to. Once the images are ready, select the ‘Green Screen’ tab, then select the ‘GS’ background folder. Finally, check that the box to enable green screen is turned on, and you should be ready to use this feature.

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5 Great Photo Booth Troubleshooting Tips

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