5 Proven Ways To Raise Free Funds For Any Project / Cause / NGO In Uganda

Free Fundraising ways in Uganda James is a one armed man aged 33. James survived death when the car he was involved in an accident which claimed his two colleagues. After spending nearly two months in the hospital, it was agreed on that he had to lose one of his hands which was seriously affected during the accident. That is how he came to acquire his new name, a one armed James.

From what James went through after discharge from the hospital, he realized what people living a similar life like his go through, and something which prompted him start a Local non-governmental organisation aimed at supporting and helping such people.

One of the challenges James used to face after starting the NGO was related to funding. He shared many things he failed to accomplish due to lack of funding. Just like James, many Organisations, projects and causes end up failing for the same reason while others will not live to fulfill their objectives due to lack of money required for the smooth running of things.

Whether your project is a Church, school, NGO, charity, orphanage, social, education and any other for example an Individual for as long as you have been looking out for the different proven ways to raise free money for your cause, this article has the answer you must have been looking out for and how to in Uganda. Below are the 5 proven ways to raise free funds for any cause in Uganda.


This is one of the common and popular option people searching for free and no strings attached funds use. Crowdfunding requires one to know what target exactly he or she or they are looking for in terms of funds for example 1,000$ or 4,000,000/= UGX (Shillings).

Once one knows the target, the next thing is to make a list of the different crowdfunding sites, understand their requirements and register accounts. Since almost all of the crowdfunding sites are instant, adding details of the funding will instantly activate the request and all what will be remaining is waiting to see money coming in.

Online donations

Online are various websites which allows one to request for donations from the different people. One of the common option is PayPal. PayPal has a donation option which allows one to create a donation button which can be embedded onto websites, blogs and etc. If your NGO or Charity or Organisation or personal cause has a website or Blog, this can be implemented and it takes no minutes to have this up and running. Also is the email links which will lead the person directly to the donation page.

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e-Begging is very common. People do it through the different e-Begging platforms online while others onto forums and etc. You simply need to know what you want, post an e-Beg request and have it activated. You will see money coming in to the account you selected and you will be able to reach your goal.

Grants proposals

If you really know what your goal or target is, then you are able to tell the potential donor why you want the money, and why you should be considered. You are likely to write a document known as a grant proposal and taking it to the potential donor. Once the donor gets interest in your project depending on what you are involved in, ready money or funds will be available for your cause.

Offline fundraising

Now, this is the traditional way of raising for for any cause. I have seen different settings do it for example in Churches. A fundraising day is set and all people are requested to at least bring in an item which will be traded. You find that an item which can regularly be bought at say 1,000/= UGX will end up being sold at 50,000/= UGX or so. Yes, this is not only an old way but a way which is until today working which is worth to try.

If you are serious about your cause and really want the money, you can try out either of the above and believe me you, you will find one working for you. If you aren’t good at certain things for example the Small grants proposal writing, then an expert assistance will be required. People in the field of project planning and management are very good at these and can help. You can as well reach me using the contact page and see how I can help.

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