5 Ways To Gain Work Experience After Graduation In Uganda

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You can gain work experience after graduation in Uganda when you follow the guide in this article. If you’ve tried searching for an entry level job after college, you might have already noticed how most employers are asking for practical experience.

And since many college attendees don’t work while studying, making use of these ways will allow you to gain work experience, which means easy access to employment opportunities since that is what employers look for.

Martin, who graduated in January last year as a social worker from one of the best Universities shared with me how it took him a full year without a job, despite his continuous office-to-office movements while placing job inquiry applications, and too applying on the different open opportunities but all in vain.

With a Class A degree, the above was one thing Martin never thought of happening since he had a sure deal of getting a Job immediately after graduation, and which has never happened due to lack of a handson experience.

With many institutions providing job seekers as compared to job creators, its a sign that the number of available jobs automatically is less than the number of candidates who are fit to do the jobs and that is why apart from the entry-level jobs, all other jobs require a working experience which may range from.

5 ways to gain work experience in Uganda

  • Internships
  • Induction courses
  • Community work
  • Entry level work
  • Voluntarism


Whether its a free or a paid one, an internship is very important to those who want to get expertize. Many organizations and companies both national and international tend to have open internship opportunities where those who are recruited work under a qualified supervisor, and which in the long run can help towards the above goal.

Such opportunities are available on many employment sites and too on the different organization sites like Redcross, NSSF and many others which you can take advantage of.

Induction Courses

These are short courses which are intended to train and introduce employees to employers before they eventually take up posts. Such courses involve placements in the different organizations or even companies for free or a small pay and where by the more you do that, the more you get used and attain the experience which you can later add on your CV.

Community Work

Most communities have experts who are responsible for their growth although, they do encourage community members to participate on the different programmes and projects and many find helpful when it comes to building solid hands on experiences. If you can join such, then that can be helpful as well.

Entry Level Work

Well as most entry level careers don’t tend to pay high, they are so useful when it comes to helping one get used to real work. You can get access to them by contacting the different organizations and institutions and ask their availability.


No one doesn’t know what volunteering means. You can join such voluntary programs and acquire the experience you need from organisations like Save the children, Redcross, NAWOU, etc.

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