6 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Beautiful Smile

Having a great looking smile and showing it off has more benefits than you could imagine. While some people have no problem smiling and laughing having somewhat imperfect teeth, many struggle with this and have confidence issues regarding their not so great looking smile. People who have a beautiful smile are generally more inclined to show it to the world. Regularly smiling can help improve your life significantly in a number of different ways. Below are some benefits related to having a beautiful smile and showing it often.

More Attractive

If you’re single and looking, having a great smile and using it may be just what you need to find your soulmate. Having good-looking teeth and smiling a lot has been shown to have a positive impact on a person’s attractiveness. Men especially are drawn to women with a beautiful smile.

Stress Relief

People with perfect white teeth generally smile more often. Smiling releases certain hormones (endorphins) that combat stress hormones, helping you get some stress release after a tough day at work.


Smiling doesn’t just relieve stress, but actually makes you happier overall. The same stress combating hormones that are released when smiling also make you feel happier.

Better Confidence

People with less than perfect teeth often struggle with confidence issues. They often try not to show their teeth in public much and even avoid going out for this reason. People with perfect teeth usually have a better social life because of this. Being comfortable around people without having to worry about showing your teeth when you smile can improve your confidence, and positively affect your overall quality of life.

Better Career Opportunities

While this may sound like discrimination, it is a fact that people with better looking teeth often get promoted quicker and get better career opportunities offered to them. Smiling is very important during job interviews and professional (as well as personal) interactions. With a big, good looking smile on your face you’ll be perceived as more confident, competent, compassionate and a better leader, which are all skills that most employers are looking for in an employee.

Better Health

Smiling more will improve your health. Better looking teeth are often also healthier teeth since people with good-looking teeth tend to take better care of their pearly whites. Studies have shown that oral and overall health are very closely linked. Gum disease for example has been associated with higher risk of heart disease.

Plenty of reasons to practice good oral hygiene as you can tell! If you take good care of your teeth, but have misaligned, discolored or missing teeth due to circumstances out of your control or former bad dental hygiene habits, there are ways you can have your smile looking great again. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way and can help you regain a beautiful white smile again. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry you should talk to your regular dentist to see if they offer cosmetic dental services or can recommend a good cosmetic dental practice.

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Author Bio: Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry, an Austin dental office. Zane enjoys having what he thinks to be a nice smile.

Liked this article or found it helpful? Share it with your friends using the social share buttons below and or post a comment to let us know your feedback or any addition using the comment form below..

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