6 Things Which Can Lead To Exceeding Your Websites Bandwidths Limit

Your Bandwidth limit has been exceeded is a common error message which many Webmasters see on their sites and too in their email inbox’s from their service providers. Yes, this kind of error message and notification comes every time your Blog or website’s band-width has been accumulated before the allocated set time which could be a month or even a year depending on your hosting plan.

Exceeded band-width limit does not only occur on free web hosting as many think but too does happen on the paid hosting plans for as long as your allocated quota is used and or accumulated in a period which is less than the expected one.

In this post, I have shared with you some of the top 6 factors and reasons which can lead to the above where by checking on them can always help you with regard to controlling such limitations, which may have a negative impact on your site performance.

The Things You Need To Know

Attacks by Hackers – Yes, hackers can make your website suffer from the above more especially when there are too many major DoS or DDoS attacks for example in the most recent past. You can track this type of behavior by visiting the logs or setting up alerts for failed login attempts in your website’s CMS system.

Mailing Activity – Sending too many emails using your server or from your site can lead to the above. It may be you or someone else and you need to find out.

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Bots – Not only humans but even search engine bots may fancy your website and eat up a lot of your bandwidth. When the bots crawl your website, they are effectively sending the page information back to their servers, in this process they do consume a lot of bandwidth. On popular websites, bots may take up about 10-30% of the bandwidth on a daily basis.

Image Hot linking – Although this is not as rampant a problem as it was in previous years, when people hotlink content on your website rather than hosting it themselves, it can lead to your data transfer for the month being used up soon. You can setup measures to disable hot linking if you are facing any issues. Usually websites hotlink images and documents, however, if they link up to some audio or video files, it can speed up the bandwidth getting over.

Website Backup – If you recently backed up your website or restored a website backup to your account, you can definitely expect to be hit with the data transfer limit. This maybe a one off incident, but if it recurs every month, then you need to check and reanalyze your bandwidth requirements.

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Written by KWS Adams

My name is KWS Adams . (Call me Kateregga). I am an IT addict who loves playing around with computers and internet. Computers help me try out different things while turning them into reality, while the internet powers me stay live online. Besides computers, I am a project planning and management professional with an Award obtained from MUK, one of the oldest and best Universities in Africa. Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Find more on how to contact me using the contact me page.

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