7 Points You Have To Know Before Data Recovery Tool Purchase

Computer usage clubbed with digital communication makes a person totally depended on PC for storing and gathering virtual information in the form of files and folders. Precious data storage activities to store data over a long period of time are meant especially for future reference. Most of us are familiar with computer natural behavior towards data file, as the famous quote that no computer file is immune to corruption can leave us benumbed when we lose crucial data. This is highly recommended to keep a backup strategy to storing vital data but what next if we forget to do so? Data loss can be credited a number of factors as some of them are inevitable.

  • This could be the case of any technical glitch resulting in hard drive failure. Hard drive can do wrong and any kind of malfunctioning in hard drive leading to hard drive crash can do wrong to data.
  • Another kind of data loss via any sort of software imperfection like saving a file over another can add to losing data by overwriting.
  • Accidental deletion of files, now this can be attributed purely to most common type of human errors. While organizing files and folder we delete the important file along with unwanted files.

Why do we keep backup?

Making an important habit to take timely backup can prove to be a precautionary step towards preventing data loss that can get impaired and corrupted due to factors like virus attack, OS malfunctioning, hardware failure or system crash etc. We can keep up a backup copy by using NT-Backup utility in Windows Operating system.

Common causes and some errors that pop up for impaired and damaged BKF file

  • “CRC failed error”
  • “Unrecognized Media”
  • “The backup file is unusable.”

Virus infected, software failure, hard disk failures, abrupt shut down, OS malfunctioning, Interrupted Backup Process etc. result in BKF file corruption. These BKF files can easily be repaired by efficient data recovery tools.

MS Outlook PST files: failure and solution

MS Outlook PST data file that stores personal email information can get corrupted or damaged and become inaccessible due to oversize and other factors like virus attacks, sudden system shutdown, hard drive failure or storage media malfunction unexpected cancellation of MS Outlook. This can lead to flaws in MS Outlook in opening PST file showing error

  • “The file <path to PST-file> is not an Outlook data file (PST)”
  • “Errors have been detected in the file <path to PST-file>”

MS Outlook built in repair tool can fix the issue to some amount but this process does not work when the file is severely corrupted. So we can resort to some reliable data recovery tool to recover impaired PST file in complete safe-mode.

Archive and compressed files

Sometime compressed file in the form of Archive and Zip file which are created by WinZip and WinRar are vulnerable to corruption gets corrupted by virus attack.

Some Errors are shown when compressed files are impaired

  • “Cannot open a zip file”
  • “Unexpected end of RAR archive”
  • “Error 0x800004005”

We can use advanced RAR repair feature to restore corrupt compressed file but proves futile when the level of corruption is severe. In this case we have to use accurate data recovery tool for maximum recovery of data file.

What are the points to look for prior to purchasing an ideal data recovery tool?

Must support different kinds of storage media

We usually store data in hard drive and have so many other options like external drives like pen drive, memory card or optical drives enables storage of data as per requirements. Data recovery tool must be proficient to recover data from both internal as well as external drives.

Installation and after use must be hassle free

The data recovery tool should be highly compatible with user’s system environment so that the user can install the utility and recover data easily. The data recovery software must be interactive and intuitive enriched with easy – to understand simplified graphical interface for any novice uses’.

Is data recovery tool is capable to recover all types of data

The multifunction feature of the recovery tool must have efficient algorithm to restore all kinds of data comprising of images, audios, documents, videos and many more. These data formats have their multiple file formats so that the tool must be accurate enough to restoring data from all these data file formats in complete safe mode.

Read online reviews and forums related to the data recovery utility

You have to search more about the features and functionalities about the software by referring to user’s feedback and reviews that brings more facts and figures about the probable pros and cons of the tool.

Wide support for all Operating system

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Most of the available data recovery tool usually supports all the major versions of operating system but doing a cross check on the compatibility of the software with your own computer specifications well be worth the choice.

Search, Preview, and saving make the tool indispensable

The robust performance of the software is judged on the basis of multifunctional features to search and locate the files you need to recover that makes it swift to restore file in just no time. Preview feature will be an added advantage to check the efficiency of the software and user specific saving option to save the output file at desired location can produce amazing results.

Does the software company offer any money back on condition of any software fault?

Software purchase and return procedure must be flexible as whenever any issue occurs regarding the software not working with computer environment or is not giving satisfying outputs customer can claim money. For this purpose most of the company provides demo version in the software to properly evaluate the software prior to purchasing them.

With all these points enclosed in the short guideline can prove more helpful while considering ideal data recovery software that can ease the entire process of data recovery in complete safe mode thereby maintaining the integrity of data without any data loss.

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