7 Ways About How to Encourage Yourself to Stay Healthy in 2023

We have all set goals to become healthy, but do you follow them? The same new year resolution becomes renewed on the next new year including in 2023 but you stay the same. The promises you make to yourself of staying healthy and fit are forgotten in the blink of an eye when your motivation goes low. However, this may sound normal for now but later in time, the unhealthy lifestyle is going to cost you a lot.

Remember, health is not a secondary concern. It should in fact be your utmost priority to be healthy. You must have heard this famous phrase that says, “health is wealth”. Every alphabet of this phrase is true to the core and indeed health is the main element of living a successful and peaceful life. Especially after the global pandemic, every other person is struggling to find a healthy lifestyle.

All of us have seen a miserable side of life by being grounded at home for months, now it is time to stand up and change that perspective. Therefore, if you are one of those individuals who want to stay healthy and are looking for the right motivation, then here is how you can do it.

1.      Have the Mindset of Staying Healthy

Now here is the catch, before you start making any plans, prepare diet charts or opt for any exercises, you need to prepare your mind. Because until or unless your mind is not ready about you changing your lifestyle nothing would work. You must have heard a lot of scholars and experts saying a repetitive sentence that is ‘it is all in the mind’.

Yes, everything you do is in your mind, from waking up in the morning till you go back to sleep at night, you constantly make your mind agree to your thoughts and ideas. It is in fact proven that seventy-five percent of your tasks are already done when you prepare your mind for doing them. Hence, long story short, you have to be strong mentally and then proceed with the process. Remember, nothing can beat a strong will of becoming healthy.

2.      Set Measurable and Achievable Health Goals

It is great that your mind is all set to get on a healthy ride, now here is another major step to look into which is to set measurable and achievable health goals. Let us make it very clear that being optimistic about your goals is one thing, however, being overconfident about them is another. For a healthy lifestyle, you need to start small and set daily or weekly goals, not even monthly. A month is a long time and your mind may feel tired already thinking of the thirty days long journey.

However, everyday goals will motivate you to do better and appreciate yourself on daily basis. In fact, the weekly goals can be easily achievable and you can measure your efforts. For instance, you avoided that loaded burger for a week and instead went for a smoothie with lots of healthy vegetables in it. You will surely appreciate yourself for it. Make a habit of taking health supplements and prescription medications for any health condition you might have from canadian pharmacy.

3.      Avoid Any Addictions

The next productive way to stay healthy is to avoid and eventually eliminate any additions you have. You may think that the cigarette you smoke is not going to do any bad to you because hey everyone else is doing it. However, on actual grounds, you are being infected with multiple viruses that are being fought back by your immune system that produces antioxidants. However, the day your body stops making them, there will no life for you. Nonetheless, to the girls who smoke cigarettes, hookahs, or shishas, here are the tobacco facts for women you should know.

  • You will not be able to conceive another life in you if you continue to intake nicotine on a daily basis
  • You can be prone to premenstrual pause, reduced bone mineral density, and ectopic pregnancy
  • Your chances of being open to deadly diseases like cancer are double than that of the men
  • If you continue smoking tobacco during your pregnancy, you may end with a miserable miscarriage
  • Your most valuable asset, your skin, can be damaged with excessive use of tobacco products like shisha
  • If you become addicted, your chance of eliminating the habit is lower than that of a man

4.      Keep a Food Journal

To keep track of your progress, it is suggested that you keep a food journal that carries everything from your diet plans to the things you want to quit. The journal will be your source of motivation. Write your goals, the habits you want to change, the food you need in a week, the things you need to exercise, and the products you are making yourself in it. Going through it over and over again will encourage you to stick to your goals and not divert or give up on them. The more you are clear in your vision, the healthier your lifestyle will be.

5.      Encourage the People Around You

‘United we stand, divided we fall’. This phrase is valid for each walk and aspect of life. As humans, we need motivation and appreciation to do better in life. It is our need to be praised by people in our surroundings. They bring ultimate motivation to us. So, if you are an employee and if your boss needs motivation, help him/her do so. Whereas, if you are an employer, it is your responsibility to encourage employees for a better and healthier lifestyle because they are one of the biggest assets to your company.

If they feel low, give them the opportunity to remote work, it will not only increase your worth but will also make them respect you more and give their 100% to the business. You can also make some healthy changes in the office, such as planting some good plants and providing green tea after meals. Above all, one thing your employees demand and expect from you is that when they are giving your business their valuable time, you should at least be understanding them and cooperating with them.

6.      Experiment with Food and Say No to Processed Food

When you are in process of developing healthy eating habits, you will come across many products that will grab your attention. However, you need to make sure that you do not buy any processed food or create any room for them in your house or kitchen. This is one of the major mistakes people make, processed food contain chemicals and additives which are not always healthy and at times, they increase heart and blood pressure issues, therefore, it is better to avoid them. Also, for a better lifestyle, you can experiment with food and create new dishes on your own. It is a lot of fun to do.

7.      Do Weekend Meal Prep

If you have an excuse that you cannot stick to healthy eating habits because of work or office. Then here is an idea, you can do meal prep on the weekends. It is a great way of spending time with your loved ones while making a healthy plan for the coming week.

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