75 Ways to Get Free Twitter Followers No Survey No App [Infographic]

Here is a sure way to get free Twitter followers and grow your social presence.

There are no surveys involved, no app installations, no hacks, and no verifications involved. Everything is about helping you gain free Twitter followers fast and instantly.

If you want to get Twitter followers fast and free without following other accounts, this Infographic shows you what you need to do. Take aside those fake Twitter followers, this guide helps you gain real human followers that can convert into leads depending on your interest.

There are no trials, audits, spamming, analysis, credit cards, or software involved unless you want to.

Here are the 75 secrets to help you get Twitter followers for free

75 Ways To Get Free Twitter Followers
Source: Twiends

Get Free Twitter Followers Infographic Explained

  • Make time for tweeting every day
  • Tweet multiple times daily
  • Optimize and schedule your tweets for the best times
  • Remember to ask questions
  • Run twitter polls
  • Tweet inspirational, funny, interesting, or even controversial stuff
  • Tweet interesting photos, infographics, and videos
  • Send tweets with the right hashtags
  • Tell stories with tweet threads
  • Do #FF Follow Friday’s
  • Comment on trending topics
  • Don’t spam when tweeting
  • Repost some of your tweets on another social network
  • Use free networking services like Twiends
  • Engage with your target hashtags
  • Engage new followers
  • Etc as shown in Infographic above

Final Word

Gaining free Twitter followers is very simple, fast, and easy if you are committed. By doing the above, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of having a huge follower base.

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