8 Places To Donate a Car in California For Tax Credit

 Donate Car in California For Tax Credit When we talk of car donations, we simply refer to where one decides to give-away the un-used motor vehicles and trucks to charities and not-for-profit organizations for free. And yes, donations have many hidden benefits in the United States among which include tax deductions in addition to supporting a cause.

If you have un-used vehicles and wondering where you can donate them, then this article is a must read since we have compiled and listed for you up to 8 places to donate a car in California for tax credit. Your task is very simple, to read and know each of them so you can make a choice on where.

Please note that depending on your choice, you should navigate the ’causes’ section of the website so as to make a choice on who why you are donating. Also, tax deductions are available for vehicles which are worth $500 and above. Refer to each individual provider for details commonly on the Faqs page.


Donating your car to charity through Cars2charitiesis very simple and has tax benefits. To get started, simply call (855) 520-2100 or visit, complete the donate online form and Schedule a pick up. You will be given a tax receipt after.


Donating your car to charity through very simple and has tax benefits. Getting started is simple. Call Donateacar2charity toll free number at (866) 779-1326 or visit, fill the online form and submit. Your donation will be looked into and you will be contacted. After, you will schedule a pickup and you will be issued a tax receipt.

3. too has tax benefits on all qualifying donations. Getting started with them is very simple. You either reach them via call on 1-888-686-4483 or by visiting their website and filling in the on-line donation form. Afterwards, you will be contacted to arrange pickup and a tax receipt will be given.

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4. is another service which allows you to donate a car in California. Getting started here is also more than simple. You can call on 1-855-618-9474 or visit their website and fill in the online donation form. You will be contacted and arrangements for easy pick-up and free towing. You will then be given a tax deductible receipt for your donation.

5. is a hassle free car donation service in California. You either call them on 707-652-9420 and make arrangements or fill in the online donation form. You get free towing, between 24 – 48 hours fast pickup, tax deductible and there is no much paperwork for you.

6. is one the largest car donation charities in the US. Donation supports the youth and educational programs of national non-profit Kars4Kids and charity Oorah. Donating your car is simple. You either call on 1-877-527-7454 and or visit their website and fill in the online form. Arrangements are made and the car is picked up within 24 hours. If your donation qualifies, you are given a tax deductible receipt.

7. offers you zero hassle car donation in California. Simply call (888) 250-4490 or fill in the online-donation form. A pickup arrangement is made and you get a tax deductible receipt. It is all simple and easy.


Donations through are intended to help disabled veterans. Joining this cause is simple. You either call (800) 613-3123 or visit their website and fill in the online donation-form. Arrangements for collection will be made and a tax write-off receipt will be provided. You see, much more benefits.

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