9 Alternative Facebook Applications For Your Device

We know it that everything has an alternative and we know alternatives as being of a great and important use since they act as substitutes just in case one wants to try out something new. In this post, you will get to know a list of up to 9 alternative Facebook applications which you can install on your device and enjoy Facebook basing on what the app has to offer you and below they are.

1. Facebook PhotoSync – This helps you to syn your Facebook friends photos with matching contacts in your mobile. You choose to connect and disconnect manually or automatically and its free to download.

2. myChatDroid for Facebook – Withn this, you can connect your Andriod device to Facebook chat. It supports emotions, links in messages, notifications and much more for free.

3. GO SMS Facebook Chat plug-in – If you are a GO SMS Pro user, this plugin allows you to connect GO SMS with Facebook and enjoy texting.

4. HootSuite – You can manage multiple social sites with this same application. You can upload and share everything in addition to getting notifications.

5. 7DayPic for Facebook – With this, you can share photos on your Facebook with friends. Shared photos are automatically erased after 7 days.

6. Facebook Mobile – You can share, post and connect with friends with this application.

7. SlideShow for Facebook – If you want to download your favourite Facebook albums, this applications suites your needs.

8. Facebook Timeline Covers – This is a timeline application.

9. Live Wallpaper Facebook on Android – This application allows you to instantly create a live wallpaper for your Android from Facebook photos.

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