Uganda 2020 Tour Holidays – 2 Historical Cultural & Religious Destinations To Visit And Learn All About The Pearl Of Africa

Are you a historical, cultural or religious fan? Do you love exploring about the different old things which happened years back? Are you simply looking for something new to lay your eyes on? How about checking out some sites which are known in history on your travel or touring experience?

Regardless of what you might be looking for, in this article I have compiled some two important and historical sites in the history of Uganda Africa which you shouldn’t miss out on your tour and besides, these same sites do attract thousands of people every year from the different parts of the world just to check on them and explore.

During my recent visit to the country, I came to learn about the two places and liked them among the many points I visited and which is why I am sharing with you so that you too can know about them may be on your next visit, you should make them be on the list of those you should visit.

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

If you have been watching, reading and or listening to the world news, then am sure you have ever read and or heard about this religious place named Namugongo Martyrs Shrine which is known to attract thousand of people every year during the remembrance days. Located in Wakiso, people do foot from the districts all over Uganda and the neighboring countries each year to mark the Martyrs day, a day when a total of 32 young men were burned to death at Namugongo after they refused to renounce Christianity.

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Kasubi Tombs

Known as part of the UNESCO recognized heritage sites and also known as┬áSsekabaka’s Tombs, the site is located in Kasubi Kampala. The sites are burial places of four Kabakas of BUganda including Muteesa I, Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa II and Sir Edward Muteesa II. These sites are so important both to the people of BUganda and the central government.

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3 Responses

  1. Kabs says:

    Kasubi tombs turned into Unesco world heritage sites and since then, the place has been a tourist attraction center for many. Even when the tombs were burned by fire back in 2010, it remained the same. I here the site has been rebuilt and am looking forward to checking in when I arrive soon.

  2. Lucy says:

    Touring the river nile in Jinja Uganda is what I never missed out every time I come to Africa and in East africa. The source of the nile is a great traveling attraction which I love till today. I am a fan of touring and have been to so many countries but Uganda is wow I agree. Jinja, once a richer city is still on the world map for its historical facts like the nile and being the place where electricity is generated. Oh, a great article indeed.

  3. Hellen says:

    Traveling and Touring in Uganda is an experience which everyone should enjoy. Uganda is a great place which has so many attractions according to my obserbations. I have been in Uganda and love the environment and natural gifts God gave the country.

    Its all fan and a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing and will try those sites on my next visit.

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