A Is For Australia Book Review – The essential A to Z guide to the culture, customs, people and places on the world’s deadliest continent by Thomas Ap Dewi

A is for Australia “Contrary to popular belief, Australians don’t walk upside down, and there are perfectly valid reasons why the cricket team looks like it’s wearing war paint. But without this book, you won’t know what they are. Whether you’re planning to move or planning a holiday, these are the facts you need to know before you step on an aeroplane to the outback. A is For Australia is your indispensable guide to one of the most unique countries on earth”

“What is the best way to fight jet lag? How does Vegemite turn ordinary human beings into supermen? Why are elephants listed on the contents page when everyone knows there are no elephants in Australia? A is for Australia holds the answers”.

About the author : “Thomas Ap Dewi is a travel writer who has lived, worked and traveled in dozens of countries throughout the world. What he doesn’t know about far away places would fill several encyclopedias. He’s a moderately clever chap, and some people think he’s quite funny. Other people do not. Your own mileage may vary. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this work, some outright lies have been included. But only when they’re really easy to spot.”

When you encounter any of the abbreviations as seen below, just know what they refer to;

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“A is for Aussie Rules Football
B is for Bogan
C is for Coast
D is for Deadly Everything
E is for Elephants
F is for Farming
G is for Geology
H is for Hunting
I is for Immigration
J is for Jet lag
K is for Kangaroo
L is for Language
M is for Mountains
N is for New South Wales
O is for Opera
P is for Politicians
Q is for Quokka
R is for Reef ecosystem
S is for Sheila
T is for Toads
U is for Underground living
V is for Vegemite
W is for Walkabout
X is for Xmas
Y is for Yulara
Z is for Zinc cream”

What its all about : Wondering on where and how to explore the more about the people and places of Australia, what makes them unique, more about the country and etc, this is one book you can try out. Its been written in a quick and entertaining way which can help you find lots of useful information.

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