A List Of 20+ Fiverr Alternatives – Micro Job Sites

Doing micro jobs like the ones offered on Fiverr is one thing which seem to be very beneficial to many out there especially those who are looking forward to making and earning an extra income and online. Fiverr is known to be one of the best mini and micro job site which allows anyone to join and sell or offer a service while at the same time, any one can join as a buyer and get his or her work done and in time. Check out the 30+ Virtual Assistant/Freelancer Websites To Try Out

Personally, I do have many of my things done by simply requesting a Job on Fiverr while at the same time, I too offer SEO related services to those in need and for that, I decided to compile a list of up to 20+ similar and Fiverr alternatives so for those who want to take advantage of the different market places whether one is a buyer or a seller and below is the list.

1. Gigbucks.com – For online micro and freelancing jobs between $5 and $50.

2. Dollar3.com – It’s not all about dollars 3 but you can make more than that in increments of $3.

3. Twentyville.com – This is a market where you buy and sell your services for $10 and $20.

4. Zeerk.com – Whether you want to buy or sell what you know, you can do it at reasonable prices ranging between $2 and $100.

5. Fourerr.com – Four stands for 4 and here, you can buy and sell at $4.

6. Gigme5.com – Working online has never been easier but with this,m you can do from home while earning money.

7. Seoclerks.com – If you know search engine optimization, then you can make up to $999 per gig sold and its free to join.

8. Gigsbull.com – Whether you are a freelancer or wanting to buy a service, you can do it in increments of $3.

9. Tenrr.com – True, as its name, you can sell and buy ranging from $1 to $10 and its just like how it works on Fiverr.

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10. Tenbux.com – The name is enough. You can sell and buy anything up to $10 per work done.

11. Ipayrr.com – If you want money, then you can make it while selling. And for those who have wanted jobs, this is your stop.

12. Jacksalive.com – Find student jobs on site. Its free to join and get started.

13. Fittytown.com – This is another free to join Fiverr like service where you can make up to $50 for your work.

14. Gigpayrr.com – You are guaranteed of being paid for work done. Sell and buy.

15. Findeavor.com – Micro jobs for $5 up to $300 and its free to join.

16. Justafive.com – This is one of the oldest Fiverr like sites. You get paid for your work as a seller and get your work done as a buyer.

17. Freelancegigz.com – This looks to have no limit when it comes to how much you can earn and its free to join for both buyers and sellers.

18. Fiverrup.com – You can buy and sell anything for up to $100 and its free to get started.

19. 50r.co.za – You can do things for a price of 50 Rands. You can buy and or sell what you know for that.

20. Gigstate.com – Buy and sell your freelancer work for $5 and its free and simple to join.

Check out the 30+ Virtual Assistant/Freelancer Websites To Try Out

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10 Responses

  1. Happy Person says:

    Another Fiverr Alternative twodollarr.com

    Free Featured Services upon signup
    Services price:2$
    Amount Earned 1.5$
    Transaction Fee:0

  2. roger says:

    I bought two gigs at DeskGigs.com. Neither seller responded.

    So I tried and failed to contact DeskGigs.com

    • Their phone number does not connect
    [email protected] bounces
    [email protected] bounces
    • And the ticket system which is mentioned does not seem to exist.
    • Emails to their Paypal address [email protected] are not returned.

  3. Kenon says:

    Fiverr alternative sites in Vietnam? Here is the list of such sites we want to see posted admin.

  4. Alan says:

    Another one not to forget is Fiverr1.com Services Price from 5$ – $100 NO COMMISSION FEE, most micro job sites have fees from 10 % to 25 % here it is 100 % free.

  5. Sandeep says:

    Fiverr alternatives sites in India? I want to earn rupee and work home india. Please send me any site working at home in India like Fiverr. Fiverr is complicated now and a change is required.

  6. mike says:

    Here’s another site to add to the list. damongo.com

    Alexa rank 207,611
    Earning withdrawl: After 5 days
    Service Price $5, 10, $20, $50
    Commission Fee: 15%
    Featured Services: Yes

  7. zahurl says:

    Another good alternative fivetory.com
    Free registration and no commission fee.

  8. Matt C. says:

    Another site that could be added to the list is jifv.com. They have lower job fees to many of the alternatives and you can post jobs up to 75 dollars.

  9. Randell Browne says:

    An alternative to fiverr where people can offer microjobs for dogecoin is


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