A Personal Review Of 000Webhost.Com’s Free Hosting Service

When people talk of the best free Web-hosting providers, the first thing to come into the minds of most people is 000Webhost due to the kind of services which are offered by them, and personally, I do agree that 000webhost is the best free hosting provider but only to some extent although its the bigger percentage. And basing on the time I my site spent on their servers, I must admit that I was able to receive a service which any free user would expected since free is non comparable to a paid service.

In this 000webhost personal base review, I will share with you what you need to know with regard so that you can make a choice on whether to choose a paid service or a free service just like many sites across the web are hosted completely for free. And just like the name sound “000Wehbost”, the service is completely free to anyone who wish to host his or her website inclusive of all the services as they are offered for example MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP, File Manager, up to 1500 Megabytes of Disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, a Control panel, Simple site builder, Custom panel, PHP, Webmail, a Friendly customer service through their Forum (support tickets and help inclusive), etc and which many other free providers don’t offer to their free members.

With all the above, one is guaranteed of building and owning a professional website within a shorter time and imagine with up time of 99%, which means never missing out your readers and other website/blog users although the problem arises when it a site grows from a few reader-ability to a good number of daily visits since it is what marks the beginning of deep thoughts, head scratches, sleepless nights and thinking of the different alternatives and more preferably, upgrading to a paid hosting in order to overcome the Website Suspended Error messages due to CPU Usage limit reach and which is their main service drawback.

Almost 3 months as a free user on 000Webhost, I started facing the toughest times since everyday, I was expecting my site to be suspended for reaching the CPU Usage limit and something which I couldn’t control any longer besides having tried all the ways to get rid of the suspensions for example using the cache plugins, avoiding images, blocking most of the crawlers and bots, limiting the number of plugins loaded on my site but all in vain not until I had to move to a paid hosting plan. The one reason which I know as the cause was an increase in the Website traffic since free hosts tend to limit free users on the number of hits they should get basing on their policies and which you will never avoid unless you go for a paid host or plan.

If your website or blog has a minimum number of hits per day, then its okay with you but only to those who have single or a few pages which attract lower traffic but for those who have hitting sites, then free hosting to me is a game to play since in anyway, you will have to go for a paid service or upgrading your plan from a free one to a paid one with their Hosting24 service.

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If you are planning to go for a free or paid hosting, I am sure what I shared above will be helpful to you in making a choice just like I decided to go for a paid service otherwise, 000Webhost does offer a user friendly service which you might consider trying if you are interested in free hosting.

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  1. Otha says:

    000Webhost offers the best free hosting which is better than many paid services. Yes, worth to try. Admin you said the fact thanks.

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