A Personal Review Of FortisWork.com Email, Web Design And Hosting Service

This is a personal review of FortisWork web and email related services and for those out there who have been wondering whether you should try their services or not, this is an article you must not miss out since by the time you go through it, you will be able to make a decision on whether to go on and use them for your related services or otherwise. FortisWork is a brand of Fortis Computer Innovations, an Information Technology company registered in Uganda and which boosts itself to be the leader when it comes to Website Design, Networking, Application development and Organizational Computer Security Policies.

And just like the many different IT related service providers who offer services related to email hosting, web hosting and designing for example 3owl, Hostgator, 000Webhost, Hosting24 and the rest, FortisWork does offer similar services although it has many different features ranging from the cost charged per service to how it works.

What Services Are Offered At FortisWork?

FortisWork does offer the following below services although they are not limited to the ones seen and they include.

Application Development

  • Web development –
    • Content management systems
    • Interactive Flash banners & intros
    • Domain name search, registration, renewal and transfer
  • Business Applications –
    • Project Management System
    • School Enrollment & Admission System
    • Micro Finance System
    • Events Planning & Asset Tracking
    • Human Resource Management System

Website Hosting & Server Monitoring

  • Network Connectivity
  • Server Disk Space Usage
  • Server CPU Usage
  • Server Memory Usage
  • Web Services – HTTP, HTTPS & FTP
  • Email Services – SMTP, POP & IMAP
  • Database Services – MySQL, MSSQL, Sqlite

Email Hosting

You can get starter packages from as low as $1 per month.

Web Hosting

You will get hosing packages from as low as $41.4 – $120pa depending on the plan you select.

General Services

  • Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Email Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Computer Networking
  • Systems Security
  • Computer maintenance and consultation
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Who Are FortisWork Clients?

There is no difference between what other providers in the same field take to be their clients and what the above take to be their clients. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can be served regardless of where you are from. Both local and international clients are served.

Conclusion: While many people tend to have their own different features they look at when its time to look for a better hosting provider, I personally think that looking for one who offers a better service at a reasonable price is a great option never to under look. I have used FortisWork for sometime and have proven them to offer a good service which may be worth to try although the decision remains for you to make basing on what you have seen above. You can visit  FotisWork here.

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