Reviews – Is Legitimate or Scam Service?

Adbuff Reviews When you visit the their homepage, the very first thing you read in Bold and “H” tags is them being an “AdSense Alternative Ad Network”, which ‘Double your page RPM with our innovative ad units” when you join as a publisher. The big question which many publishers keep asking is whether is a legitimate service to spend time and use or simply another scam provider?

In this personal review, I share with you some of the important things you might have been wanting to know about, where by reading this post entirely might help you answer the above question, in addition to helping you make a choice on whether to publish with them or look for another possible legitimate alternative.

According to Whois, the domain name was registered on 2016-10-26, which stands for less than less months old as per the date of this review. The registrant info is hidden from public as its protected by Whoisguard. Leaving that side alone, Adbuff “claims” to offer a “stronger” connection between advertisers and publishers, coupled with a 97% response support, advanced ad delivery system, advanced anti-fraud detecting system, real time stats and etc.

Being honest, both advertisers and publishers prefer a service which is trustworthy with no cheats either. And basing on the fact that this is one of what Adbuff “claims”, it makes it look genuine where as one might want to fully test the service in order to be sure that what is claimed is what exactly is delivered. Lets look below at the features. claimed features reviewed

  • Free to create an account
  • Pre-approval and Final account approvals
  • Real time stats
  • 100% ad filling rate
  • 90% revenue share for publishers
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 3 Maximum ad units allowed
  • Clean and no unwanted pop ads
  • Multiple payment processors including PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • $100 minimum payment threshold depending on processor
  • 45 NET payment basis
  • Support ticketing system available
  • Can be used with other Ads eg AdSense
  • High eCPM rates for USA, Canada, Australia, UK

When you take a quick look at some of the “claimed” features as seen above, you are able to see how Adbuff can be a greater Ad network if at all all are fulfilled. Taking a look on other sites which has related threads eg on DigitalPoint forums show that indeed many people seem not to know the exact fact about the site when it comes to its legitimacy well as it is good that Supports is always there to answer such questions.

What I like about Adbuff

The site is very simple and easy to navigate. Everything one is looking for is well provided including the support and FAQs section where one can easily find answers to all burning questions. The 100% “claimed” ad fill, and the real time stats dashboard means that publishers stand high chances of earning from their traffic since ads are shown at all times, and additionally are able to track every detail as it happens.

What I Don’t like about Adbuff

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Hey, I wish the approval system was instant. It would mean that one signs up and starts to display the ads right away. But this isnt the case here as a site goes through more than one approval system eg the pre-approval and final approval. If all were done within say 24 hours, t would be okay but the many days seem not to be favorable – a personal view. The other thing is about the minimum payment threshold which is a bit higher. If t was say $25 for PayPal, that would be okay. Ad too, the 45 net payment is long as well. Wonder why they say “Adsense alternative” when Adsense pays even less than 30 days.

Is legitimate or scam?

As always, I don’t simply jump onto conclusions just like that. The same applies to this provider. Now that I have sent in my application, I will wait till it is approved (oh am on a sure deal basing on their requirements), start displaying ads and see if I will get paid and how much I will earn in terms of eCPM. Then I will share back here for you to know. But still, you can too sign up and see how it works from your own point of view. Sometimes trying out is the only way to know the exact fact and which can help you answer the above question. Over to you..

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