How To Add Background Music On WordPress – Music Auto Plays When Post Page Is Loaded Courtesy Of Plugin Soundy

How To Add Background Music On WordPress This tutorial takes you through the step by step guide on how to add background music on any WordPress website. If you have been wondering how you could make your site visitors and readers listen to any music you chose as they navigate your blog or post pages, this post has it all. And the auto loaded music on a page or post is courtesy of Soundy plugin.

If you ever visited a site or sites which auto plays a certain song or songs in the background on every page load for example Pastor Edwin Musiime of Rockhill Church in Uganda, you must be knowing what I am meaning. And if you didn’t know how this is done, I would recommend that you take a few minutes, read this article and follow the steps and procedures.

Soundy Plugin features

Soundy Plugin features

Download Soundy Background Music

Once you have logged into the site which you want to add music to, go to plugins, add new and search for download Soundy background music. Click install and activate it.

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Soundy Background Music Plugin Download

Go to Soundy Background Music settings

Access the plugin settings page by navigating to Settings and clicking on “Soundy Background Music”.

Soundy Background Music Plugin Settings

Configure Soundy Background Music settings

On this menu, you simply need to configure your preferred choice including music, how it should play, the play pause button and etc.

Configure Soundy Background Music Settings

Save once you are done and try to load a page on your site. Trust me you will here the uploaded music playing and you will wonder. The best thing about this plugin is the fact that it is compatible with all browsers!

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