How To Add Local Bank Account To Your Payoneer Account

Add Local Bank Account Payoneer gkmn9r This tutorial is on how to add a Local bank account to your Payoneer account. Sometime back, Payoneer, service provider which offers anyone from supported countries including online workers and freelancers who make money online did introduce the Withdraw to local bank account feature. This feature allows Payoneer account holders to add their local country bank accounts so as to withdraw their money through the bank in addition to the ATM.

Unlike the Payoneer Mastercard which will only allow you to withdraw to supported ATM’s all over the globe, the withdraw to local bank account feature allows you to pick cash in the banking hall. This means that once your cash has landed onto your local bank account, you are eve able to withdraw it using your local ATM card.

This feature is available to supported countries list. This means that if your country isn’t listed among those countries, the feature isn’t yet available in where you reside. But best of all, almost all countries are already supporting this feature with some having the automatic funds transfer while others having a manual transfer option.

Guess what, the add local bank account feature is very simple and easy to use. All one needs is to follow the simple procedures and guide in order to have the bank added and once approved, you are able to get your cash in your account. Please follow the steps below to have the service added.

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Steps to adding local bank account to Payoneer

1. Log into Payoneer using your account credentials.


2. Click on Withdraw, and chose to Bank and Click Add bank account.


3. Enter Bank details ie country, bank account type and currency.


4. Enter Bank Name, Account Name, Account Number, SWIFT / BIC and confirm the bank account details above.


5. Verify security details including your account password and follow prompts.


6. You will get a message of successful bank addition.


At this point, Payoneer will verify all of the details provided and you will get an approval or rejection email within 3 business days from the date of submitting the details… Oh, my approval email came within only one hour.. That is all you need. You are now ready to receive your cash from your bank.

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