Add McAfee SECURE / Verified Trust Mark On WordPress How

McAfee Secure This is a self guide tutorial on how to add that McAfee SECURE / Verified trust mark on WordPress content management system powered websites and blogs. And regardless of whether you are running a personal blog, a journal, a photo site, a classified ad, a payment processor site and any other of your choice whether free to view or with a paid service where users pay to make use of it, reading this post will help you find out how you can go about this easily and simply for free.

A McAfee SECURE and verified seal or trust is not only an icon but rather, a way which can help all of a site readers and viewers to have much more trust when browsing your site. This verified and secure trust mark is a sign that your WordPress has been scanned, tested and proven not to be dangerous to others when it comes to persons and peoples privacy and information.

I am sure you have seen, and or heard of people’s information being stolen online for example on the credit card and banking side. And this same information is “stolen” by sites which pretend to be real when indeed they are not. Some blogs and websites are purposely developed for that while others simply are victims where hackers will insert those malicious codes and redirects just to make use of them.

And that is where McAfee SECURE / Verified trust mark on WordPress comes in. Remember, McAfee offers both Antivirus and scanning protecting needs. This applies for computers, websites and others. With McAfee SECURE, you can be able to scan your website or blog for vulnerables free of charge, and which can help you know whether its safe or not. Below is how to add that trust mark and verified stamp on your WordPress site easily.

How to add McAfee SECURE / Verified trust mark on WordPress

MacFee Secure Verified Trust Mark On WordPress

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1. Log into your WordPress site and head on to Plugins.
2. Click on Add New Plugin, enter “McAfee SECURE” typing area and hit enter.
3. Click on Install and wait. Activate the plugin.
4. Access the Plugin menu and enter the required McAfee account details (You can get them from their website).

You can select the mode you want the trust mark to be in for example, hidden or visible. That is all, once you fill everything in, you will be able to see the status of your site eg secure in the admin end, while your visitors will see the trust mark in that same position where you add the code or widget eg side bars or bottom.

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