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Blogger blogsLet me show you how to add activate Blogspot Search on your blogspot blog. If you are lost, I am referring to adding your created blogger blogs to the existing list which will not only increase your website’s exposure but also help when it comes to doubling your traffic.

Also known as the Navbar, having it added on your blog automatically adds it to Blogspot Search thus meaning that Blog readers will automatically visit your site using the Next Blog» automatic link.

The Navbar has lots of benefits associated including the ones below;


  • More exposure
  • Next Blog»
  • Sharing of site link
  • Searching for blogger profiles
  • More traffic from other blogspot websites

I know many of you keep asking yourself exactly what happened to blogspot not so? The answer is that Blogger blogs still dominate the internet. With the option to add a custom domain name, access to free web hosting and a free-like customization, it definitely makes Blogspot continue to rock when it comes to creating good looking website.

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How to add Blogger Blog in Blogspot Search

  • Edit_Navbar_to_activate_blogspot_searchSign in to your new or old blogspot account
  • Select the Blogger blogs you want to activate Navbar
  • Click on Layout from the menu list
  • Click “Edit” on Navbar widget.
  • Select any of your preferred appearance
  • Click Save and then save arrangement on Layout.

You can now reload your blogger blogs to see the Navbar containing the Next Blog» automatic link and it will be listed in the blog search directory.

From that moment, your blog will be listed in the next option and it will even be easy to help when it comes to identifying you as a blog author assuming you used exact details people know.

Adding Blogger Blog in Blogspot Search

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