Afghanistan: Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Unit – Research Associate

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Organization: Aga Khan Foundation
Country: Afghanistan
Closing date: 21 Oct 2015

AKF in partnership with its sister agencies within the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), have signed an agreement with USAID to implement a five-year project (2013-2018) titled “Multi-Input Area Development Global Development Alliance (MIAD GDA)”. The overarching goal of the project is to support long-term stability and growth in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province*.*The goal will be reached through activities subsumed under the following two strategic objectives :

· Strategic Objective 1: Improve the quality of life for residents and improve social and economic development.

· Strategic Objective 2: Establish a model for a sustainable, replicable Financing Facility for regional social and economic development.

Integrated programming, which is at the heart of the MIAD GDA project, is not new to the AKDN. In fact, in Afghanistan, the AKDN has implemented integrated programming for many years. What is new and innovative in the MIAD GDA approach is the joining of integrated development with a cost recovery and revenue generation component. Additionally, the MIAD GDA is premised on the notion that the path to sustainable development is necessarily forged by a combination of three key ingredients:

  1. Focused, varied, and integrated development interventions centered on the critical sectors of health, education, rural livelihoods, and governance.
  2. The concentration of effort in a discrete and well-defined geographic area.
  3. A long-term commitment by the sponsoring agency (AKDN) to continue financing and implementing socio-economic development initiatives in the province for up to a generation beyond the initial 5-year start-up phase.

The MIAD GDA follows a phased approach whereby the integrated socio-economic development activities are implemented over a five-year period. During this time, the financial facility will begin to structure and establish the concrete economic drivers that will be needed to generate revenues at the conclusion of the five-year initial phase. In this fashion, the AKDN hopes to forge a new type of public-private partnership in which the private sector plays a central role in contributing to sustained social development.

MERL Strategy

Given the innovative nature of the MIAD GDA project, AKF has made a commitment to establish and implement a comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) strategy that will track learning around the MIAD GDA's design, implementation, and outcomes. Information generated through the MERL strategy will enable AKF and its implementing partners to share lessons learned, influence decision makers, and will ultimately guide the replication of the MIAD approach in other areas and potentially by other actors.

The MERL strategy is designed to achieve two goals: (1) to guide actions for validating the MIAD-GDA model for bringing about long-term improvement in the socio-economic development of Badakhshan, and (2) to promote a culture of learning both within AKDN and in the development community at large. MIAD GDA’s research agenda under MERL falls under two categories:

· Level 1 involves research that leads to actions designed to improve the MIAD GDA project (needs assessments, situation analyses, action research, and market studies). These include a gender mainstreaming assessment of the Badakhshan program; a review of monitoring systems specifically around beneficiary tracking, an assessment of a pilot savings group model and a land tenure study for Badakhshan.

· Level 2 research directly attempts to validate the MIAD GDA project (macro level studies e.g. ten year retrospective evaluation of AKF Afghanistan’s Badakhshan program with a focus on MIAD).

MERL Consultant Research Associate

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The MERL Research Associate is a six month consultancy position (possibility to extend) with AKF Afghanistan based in the ERL unit. The Research Associate will support the ERL unit in evaluation, research, and learning for the MIAD GDA project. The RA’s main functions will include research design and implementation of Level 1 studies. S/he will be based in Kabul with a primary reporting line to the Director of the Evaluation, Research and Learning Unit at AKF-Afghanistan and will work closely with the regional teams and the MIAD MERL coordinator. The RA will be expected to undertake significant travel to Badakhshan province.

How to apply:

Please send CV and cover letter to: [email protected]

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