Airtel Uganda Reduces Mobile Money Sending Fees To 180 UGX Only

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Airtel Money

As Ugandans await the yearly festival celebrations, Airtel Uganda has too slashed and reduced the mobile money transfer and sending fees to as low as Shillings 180 UGX. Yes, this means that Airtel money subscribers will be able to send money to their loved ones at the cheapest rate ever using mobile money.

According to the info text message I received personally on my Airtel SIM card, the message read as shown below..
“Dear customer, we have reduced Airtel Money rates. Send money to family and friends this festive season across the country for as low as UGX 180”.

Airtel Uganda Reduces Mobile Money Sending Rates

I was very happy to learn of this following what MTN Uganda too did the last week. At last, Ugandan’s can enjoy the sending money across to their loved ones for very low costs.

Now that you have seen this, its time to start sending money to your family and loved ones so that they can too enjoy whatever they want ahead of the years Christmas and new year 2017. All you need is simple, dial *185# on your mobile and get started.

Airtel Uganda Reduces Mobile Money Sending Fees To 180 UGX Only

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