3 Amazing Things About Uganda Equator – One Top To Do List

Uganda Equator The Uganda Equator, and some amazing things you should know is all about this post. Uganda Equator is one of the top things which many people including tourists, geographers and etc add on their to-do lists. This is because of the known importance of the Equator, Uganda the Pearl, Africa and the whole world at large. If you are planning an African tour, and or wanting to learn and explore facts about Uganda. This post is one you should read in full. By the time you are through, you will be able to not only feel, but to as well narrate to others.

Uganda is one of the African countries where the Equator intersects. The Uganda Equator is where the imaginary line that divides the earth into two half (the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere) passes. This line passes through the Kampala Masaka (Mbarara) road at a place known as Kayabwe. Wondering what you expect when you arrive at the Uganda Equator, below are some of those eye-opening and amazing things and facts you might want to know. Hmm, how about adding them on your to do list.

The Uganda equator monument

This monument when seen makes you feel like wow. This is indeed the pearl of Africa. It is one of the tourist attractions which attracts thousand of visits to Uganda from the different parts of the world. Like its name, you ought to check on this.

Uganda equator monument

The Uganda equator line restaurant

We all know what takes place, and what happens in restaurants right? Yes, this line Restaurant is there to ensure that all visitors get access to their favorite meals. You get instant access to all the world foods including the delicious African meals.

Uganda Equator line restaurant

The Uganda equator art and crafts shop (cafe)

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When it comes to art and crafts, everyone would want those purely African made. Do you know why? They are purely made from African local things. Visiting this place instantly gives you access to this shop (cafe). You can chose from a wide range of items and products, which you can take back with you on your way home. A good tour always attracts such.

Equator art and craft shop

The next time you plan to travel, tour or even check on Africa, add the Uganda equator on your to-do list of those top things. Trust me, you will enjoy to your maximum and you will get the best. Found this helpful? How about sharing it with others so they can too know what they expect easily like you have done.

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