Amazon Affiliate: 7 Important Facts That You Should Know (For Beginners)

Amazon affiliate is one of the recommended best money-making programs for publishers, content creators, and blog owners who are looking forward to profiting from their websites. Unlike other programs which require you to pay joining fees, Amazon affiliate is completely free to join for as long as you qualify.

For beginners, here are the 7 important facts that you should know about the Amazon affiliate program.

What is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon affiliate is a program that lets you promote your choice of products from those that are eligible on the Amazon store to your target audience. By adding your unique affiliate link to products, you earn up to a 10% commission on purchases made through your links. This means that the more products with your affiliate links, the more you earn for as long as those products are purchased by buyers.

How do I join an Amazon affiliate?

In order to join the Amazon affiliate program, you must create an Amazon affiliate account on this website. Signing up for an account requires filling in and submitting you’re about information including those websites or webpage links where you will be promoting Amazon products.

What are Amazon affiliate program requirements?

  • Must follow the Amazon affiliate program rules here.
  • Identify yourself as an Affiliate
  • Keep your websites PG13
  • Make first 3 sales within 6 months
  • Have a privacy policy on your website

How do you log in to an amazon affiliate?

Now that you have successfully created your Amazon affiliate account, you are able to log in by visiting this page and entering your account email and the set password. Logging in takes you to the account dashboard from where you can access all available tools for product promotion, account settings, etc.

What is the Amazon affiliate commission structure?

Amazon publishes and updates its commission structure from time to time. You can check out the most recent commission structure updates here. It is important to note that different product categories attract different earnings in terms of commission. Going through their structure can help you determine which products have the highest paying and those which are low paying.

How to generate product links using the Amazon affiliate link generator?

The onsite Amazon affiliate links generator allows publishers to instantly generate product links without leaving the Amazon website. When viewing a product page, the links generator is available on the top menu in form of text, text plus image, image only, and social media links including Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on either will allow you to copy an embeddable link that you can add to your posts, and or share directly on social media.

Are their Amazon affiliate bonus?

From time to time, Amazon affiliate shares available bonuses in form of higher earnings for particular products. Sometimes, certain product categories, or products are increased in their commission which turns into bonuses for publishers, for example, an amazon prime Starz subscription can earn you more once in a while if you prefer.


If you are a beginner to the Amazon affiliate program, following the above facts should allow you to get used to this popular money-making program

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