Amazon Affiliates – An eBay Affiliate Best Alternative

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the top programs which many look at as being an alternative to eBay affiliates. And while many people take eBay’s program as the first priority due to its benefits and high pays, I personally know it well that when the two are combined and used by the money maker on a similar rate, chances of earning double are high since both basing on my own experience have proved to be worth more than many think and if you have been looking and searching for eBay’s affiliate alternative, Amazon is one of those which you might consider to try out.

I came to know of Amazon after I attempted to help my friend have his Blogs accepted into the eBay program and was rejected for the reasons which I personally took not to be true and after reading the different internet shares of how many Webmasters find them selves rejected by eBay due to the strict terms, I was forced to look for the best alternatives and which helped me land on Amazon’s program – the Amazon Associates which proved to me being worth.

How Does Amazon Affiliate (Associates) Program Work?

The program works almost the very way you see eBay’s program although for it, your application is instantly accepted provided you fall in line with the accepted country list of those who are allowed to participate in the program. Once you have their links or banners added on your site, you stand chances of earning commission whenever your visitors use the same links to Amazon and order for items. All clicks sent to Amazon are credited to your account for tracking purposes and so when it comes to all orders made by buyers who used your links.

How Does Amazon’s Program Differ From eBay’s Program?

While the two may look similar in one way or another, there are differences when it comes to how the two operates for example, when you visit the eBay website and fill in your application, you are promised to be contact with the final decision of your application status whether approved and or rejected and which seem not to be the case with Amazon where you are approved instantly. Another issue is when it comes to Payments where by on Amazon, you can be paid as lows as $10 for those who have a US bank account and which can be gotten by everyone from any country through the Payoneer service and which isn’t the case with eBay, and many others.

How Does One Register To Become An Amazon Affiliate?

Getting your Amazon associates account is simple and all you need is to visit*Version*%3D1%26*entries*%3D0 and sign up, verify your email and you are done.

Adding The Amazon Code In Your Website

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This is also the easiest one to do among all. All you need is to sign in to your account, go to links and banners, copy the code of your choice and paste it into the space you wants Ads to appear and you will be done.

Assuming your website has good traffic and from those who are buyers, you can easily accumulate the $10 minimum within a shorter time and there by earning some extra cash.

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