Amazon Bounty Vs Advertising Fees! Which One Earns More?

Wondering which one earns more between Amazon bounty and advertising fees for affiliates? Come on, this very post you are reading has the answer to the above question, and which I am sure you have been wanting to know.

While both Amazon bounties and advertising are managed under the same associates program, the fact is that they differ when it comes to earnings and that is why many affiliates are keen to know which one earns better than the other.

In brief, Amazon bounty simply refers to a fixed commission earned every time an associate refers new clients or customers to qualifying products. On the other hand, advertising fees too have a fixed commission rate for example 4% with the difference being that the real amount earned is not fixed since different products are sold at different prices.

When determining which is better between amazon bounties and advertising fees, many factors should be into consideration. An example is that when you refer anyone to one of the amazons bout programs for example [[[amazon Prime]]], [[[amazon Audible]]] and [[[amazon Music Unlimited]]], you will be paid a fixed rate eg $9.

But when ones buys a product through your affiliate link and say that product falls in a category which earns 4%, then you multiple 4% with the price and what you get is the fees you are paid. I am sure you can see the difference when it comes on how you get paid.

Personally, I would recommend that if you are an affiliate, you use both amazon bounty programs and product advertising since each one has own advantages and benefits compared with the other. This means that when a visitor lands on your site looking for something to do with bounties, he or she will use that and you will earn.

On the other side, one who comes specifically having visited a review will earn you adverting fees depending on the rate. Now that you know the different, I am sure you are able to maximize your earning potentials.

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