Amazon Direct Kindle Sales Vs KU/KOLL Units – Which One Pays More?

If you are an Amazon seller on the Kindle side (KDP), you must be knowing what I am trying to mean when I talk of Direct sales and KU/KOLL units. Yes, many people have asked me which one pays higher when you compare Amazon Direct Kindle Sales Vs KU/KOLL units. How about you? Do you know the right answer?

If you know, that’s good news but if you don’t, reading this post entirely might help you discover that hidden secret you might have been missing for all your time. In brief, Direct sales represent the exact amount you earn whenever you make a sale (the amount you listed your Kindle at), and while for KU/KOLL units does represent the number of items borrowed by users from Kindle. And when you compare how much you earn on either side, you can tell what am trying to refer to.

John is an Amazon Kindle seller who lists most of his eBooks at $1. Every time someone buys through direct sales, he earns something depending on the percentage. And every time one borrows his eBook through KU/KOLL, he earns some amount which is computed when the month ends on the Amazon net basis.

John shared with me where he earns more according to him. ” I prefer to have my items taken under the KU/KOLL option than selling and know why? I earn more than double on a same eBook when compared with direct sales”.

Like you see what John shared above, am sure it helps in answering this one question of which one is better when you compare the two at least on his side. And personally, I think that the amount of money you listed your Kindle at may determine which is better when you add up all the other factors like the total units sold directly and under the KU/KOLL.

This looks interesting not so? When I read Amazon KDP website, I never found anything like an exact amount which one earns under the KU / KOLL, and which makes it hard to conclude that they pay more than the other.

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May be the answer is YES or NO. What do you have to say about this? Its a question which bothers many especially the new sellers who are wondering whether to opt in for KU / KOLL when listing their eBooks?

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