Aoonp 100W Solar Laptop Charger Reviews

Aoonp_100W_Solar Do you own a Laptop, NoteBook, Tablet, Cell Phone, iPhone, ipad, iPod, Samsung or any other Android smartphone? Are you worried of recurring electricity outages? Would you want to switch to a more permanent power source which you have full control over? The [[[Aoonp 100W Solar Laptop Charger]]] is one of the devices you might want to try out. I have reviewed its full specifications, pricing, how it works and etc with regard. All you need to go through this article and find out if its the right choice for you.

Besides being a Solar, the Aoonp 100W charger is one the best chargers which “claims” to offer both Stable USB and DC output, which means being handy when it comes to use as one can be able to charger different input devices. This same product is designed with a Unique voltage regulator, which ensures safety and protection of devices on charge. Lets look below at the different specifications.


Aoonp 100W Solar Laptop Charger general specifications

  • Made of sun power solar cells known for their efficiency
  • Faster charing
  • Multiple device support eg Samsung, Android, iPhone, iPad, Laptops, etc
  • Up to 23.5% of energy transformation
  • Large panel range which is best for energy observing even when cloudy
  • Stable USB output up to 2 amps / DC output up to 2.1amps
  • Voltage regulator best for device protection
  • Well designed with Zipper and holder to ease sunlight face direction
  • Weather resistant as a result of being PET laminated with high-wear PVC fabric


What makes [[[Aoonp 100W Solar Laptop Charger]]] unique?


When determining the best product, certain factors must be considered and among them include what you get finally you have bought it. This product comes with a Charger, up to 10 laptop connectors, a DC cable for DU usage, USB cables for supporting devices, cigarette lighter plug, clip line, instruction and best of all it has an 18 months warranty.

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When you look at the specifications above, you will notice that the Aoonp 100W Solar is indeed a great device. It offers a while lot of features in addition to being an all-in-one multipurpose direct connectivity device. Just imagine the fact that you get all power you want directly, and with total control.

This product is sold at check [[[Aoonp 100W Solar]]] current price on amazon. Things I personally liked about it include the regulator, multiple output types, long range picker and what you get when you buy it. The next time you think of getting a product you have total control, you might try this out.

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