AppBucks Reviews! Is Legit or Scam? How it works

AppBucks  Reviews This is AppBucks – Earn Online Money review. If you have been wondering what is all about with this android Lifestyle application, whether it is scam or legitimate, how it works and how you can earn from it, this article is all you need. In below you will get to know everything i detail with regard to AppBucks app.

AppBucks “claims” to be a a free, better and real online money making app which allows you to make real money and get paid directly in your PayPal, Paytm and google gift card. I know you are already asking yourself how this could be possible not so? The answer is simple. With AppBucks app, you earn bonus points by checking in regularly (opening the app), completing offers, notifications or by playing swipe page, referring other members, sharing the app and much more.

With AppBucks application, participating in the above offers is your sure deal of earning more and extra points which you redeem for cash and get paid to your PayPal, Paytm and google gift card. Unlike other similar apps which claim to offer the same, AppBucks has its own set or rules and procedures which members should follow in order to keep accounts in good standing and too earn extra more points..

AppBucks app is free download from Google Play store and other participating sites and installable on all supported devices. After downloading and installing, you sign up for free by entering your details after which you are given a referral code which you use to invite others there by increasing your earnings on the different levels.

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You can either withdraw your earning and or redeem the earned money through PayPal, Paytm and google gift card. The more members you refer the higher your chances of earning extra points and bonuses which is your sure way to make money easily from your smart device.

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Once this AppBucks app is activated on your device, you are likely to instantly start earning bonus points and the more you collect them, the better your chances of earning more.

Is AppBucks scam or legit? Oh yes, this question is what many keep asking. As always, I only reach a conclusion upon testing exactly other than basing on what others say. The fact is that am soon reaching my target using this AppBucks – Earn Online Money applications and I will definitely share with you the exact be good or bad, once I get paid.

Written by KWS Adams

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  1. In order to get paid you need to have 100$ in cash + 50000 points. And you get paid 100$. The 50000 points is your <> to redeem but you need also the minimum amount of 100$. Whats the conclusion? That it would take a very long time and effort to achieve that.

  2. They will not pay, I had $25 vanish from my account along with thousands of points. I contacted support but they never respond. I now have enough points to redeem (the minimum is 50,000) yet when I go to do it through PayPal the button I clicked did nothing. They share your data with other companies and get paid for it and never compensate its users whom they collect the data from. They lie, take from you, and never respond to questions. It’s a scam.

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