How To Apply For Centum Graduate Trainee Program / Opportunity 2016

Centum graduate program 2016 is here, and if you are a fresh graduate who is looking forward to maximizing your talents, transforming Africa, then you got to read this. Centum has a graduate program which is aimed towards helping those new graduates who are seeking for opportunities as a way of maximizing their careers, gaining experience and expertise, becoming professionals through a hands on expertise. This Centum graduate program opportunity is intended to “create a basis for a continued leadership pipeline, sustained organizational growth and business continuity”..

You must be knowing it well that there are very few jobs for fresh graduates especially in this world where stiff competition is on its maximum in addition to the fact that most employees prefer employing people who know what to do other than those who need to be told what to do and in such cases, that is where gaining an experience and enhancing your career opportunity with programs like the URA graduate trainee opportunities are intended to help you out. If you have an integrity which is proven, are self driven and motivated, have an exceptional energy, have a passion to excel and learn, then its you whom this article is intended to since following the procedures shared will help you to achieve at least part of your dreams and which is seen as a step towards becoming what you want and below is how to get started.

Who is eligible for Centum graduate program?

Before starting on the entire process, its good to know and determine whether you are eligible for the trainee opportunity. And in order to qualify, you need to be with the following for example Fresh graduate or final year undergraduate, minimum of A level score of-or equivalent, below 25 years of age, minimum of 2nd Upper undergraduate score, possession or in pursuit of the disciplines and professional qualifications such as CFA, CPA, ACCA, ACII or any other sector relevant professional course.

Study disciplines you should have?

In order to quality for the Centum graduate program, you must have undertaken such disciplines including but not limited to, Architectural ,Building sciences, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Humanities, Management Arts, Law, HR, Communications, Marketing, Construction management, Land surveying, Mathematics, ICT, Computer Science, BBIT (Business Information technology), Statistics, Actuarial Science, Business courses, Actuarial science, Statistics, Commerce, Economics and Financial Engineering.

Creating And Submitting Your Application

In order to create and submit your application, you will be requested to follow the simple procedures below after you visit the Centum website and click on the Career link or here is the direct link

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1. Visit any of the email service provider whether free or paid ones and create a free email address since its part of the requirements. You can try out, or even send us a request using our contact is page to create for you a personalized email at our domain for example [email protected] (limited to first come first serve).

2. Now visit the Centum website provided above and hit on apply where you will be required to fill in all the required details after which upon successful completion, you will receive an email from Centum alerting you of your status and where you will be to start accessing all the site features in addition to logging in to your account. Be that one you always dreamt of in 2016.

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