How To Apply For / Obtain A Ugandan Diplomatic Passport

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Diplomatic Uganda Passport

While both the regular (ordinary), and the Diplomatic passports are all issued by the Passport office under the ministry of internal affairs, the fact is that the two passports do differ when it comes to who should get what and when. And yes, if you have been wondering on whether you qualify for a diplomatic Ugandan passport, and or on how to apply for one and get it in your hands or even live the diplomat way, this article right here and just for you.

In here, you will discover how to get started on how to apply for, and obtain a diplomatic passport in Uganda. But before we reach to that, how about if we see what a passport is right? Well, like you can see in this post, this is an official travel document which is issued by the government of Uganda through its responsible ministry, and issued to individuals which qualify for it. The same document is used to identify and recognize a Ugandan national or citizen from others for example when one travels to another country.

How to obtain an Ordinary passport in Uganda

Like you read above, a Diplomatic passport is different from an ordinary passport, and so to who qualifies for it. This type of passport is qualified for diplomats as the name stands for. Such individuals can be, but not limited to, Government officials, Foreign service officers, Ministers, Recognized cultural and traditional leaders, Bank governor, Chief justice, University Chancellors and their vices, Chancellors of state universities, Diplomats, The speaker and deputy speaker of parliament and others, are eligible for a diplomatic passport. If you are one of them, then you qualify for one and below are the procedures and steps to obtain yours.

1. Download and fill passport form A and B.
2. Attach your photos under a white background.
3. Take them for signing by LC1, LC2, LC3, GISO, RDC and any other as may be required.
4. Log on to URA website and generate a Diplomatic passport payment PRN.
5. Go to the selected bank of Choice as you indicated and make a payment of those fees.
6. Attach the payment slip and your documents and hand them over to the Passport office near you.
You will be told when to pick your passport upon approval of your supportive documents.

How To Apply For / Obtain A Ugandan Diplomatic Passport

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