Are Carbon Clincher Wheel Sets Worth? Find Out

Bike riding is one of the most popular pastime activities and a great sport. The bike wheel is arguably one of the most important parts in a bike. It determines the bike’s performance on the road. Carbon clincher wheel-sets are the newest innovation in the bike market. They offer better performance than other wheel types in the market. That’s why many bikers around the globe are upgrading their bikes to boost performance and make riding more enjoyable.

Clincher wheel-sets are road tested in varying environments and endorsed by several renowned professional bikers. The wheel manufacturers claim that you will save more time and get a powerful riding experience. How is this possible? Let us delve deeper and look at what benefits you stand to get when you upgrade to the new carbon wheel-set.

Light Weight Wheels – Wheel weight affects the speed of the bike while on the move. The heavier the wheel, the less the acceleration achieved by the bike. The carbon wheel set has created value by lowering the wheel weight below 1.5 kg. The weight-cutting in carbon products has also given an aerodynamic angle to bike wheels.

Aerodynamic Bike Wheels – Aerodynamics has everything to do with a design that performs better in a windy environment while offering a stable ride. Since carbon is easily molded, manufacturers have found ways of designing a wheel using principles of aerodynamics as used in plane turbines. They include better wind cutting, lowering wind resistance, and better fluid distribution.

Heat Resistance – Braking often results in heating on the rim of the bike. If the rim has low heat resistance, this heat may be transferred to the tube and the tyre. This can burst the tube and damage the tyre. Manufacturers have countered the problem by designing high TG heat resistant resins and adding advanced basalt Kevlar brake walls. The combination enables the rider to brake with less skidding and generate less heat. The combination also has superior performance in wet conditions.

Flexibility and Comfort – Carbon fairing on the rim requires fewer spokes and can accommodate longer spokes. A normal wheel requires more spokes or a heavier rim to hold the weight of the rider. However, carbon wheels are able to take in fewer spokes and a light rim therefore giving the rider a more comfortable ride. Carbon wheels are also stiff. They are less damaged when riding on bumpy and rough roads than non-carbon wheels of a similar rating.

Product Quality – The Australian government has put in place mechanisms to ensure that only quality products are sold to the Australian population. Familiarize yourself with the 1980 Notice of the mandatory legal requirements for pedal bicycles accessible via the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website. The site also lists bicycle products that have been recalled in the past.

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Final Thoughts – These carbon wheel-sets are a real deal for an avid rider. However, it is good to do a little research on types of wheels that can best serve your needs. The sellers are obligated by consumer protection law to give facts and shortcomings of their products in order to enlighten the buyer. Be sure to inquire from them.

BIO – Ben is a professional biker and a riding enthusiast. He has tested carbon bike wheels in different environments and can authoritatively assist you in bike wheel selection. You get the best when you buy your bike wheels from Carbon Bike Wheels.

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